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How to upcycle an old suitcase: Dear DIY

Do you have a love of old suitcases? I can not get enough of them! I have vintage suitcases in various sizes, an amazing vintage wooden hat box, vintage glomesh and other evening bags and vintage camera boxes and cases. Love em all! Do you have a favourite thing to collect? I can’t say I…

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How to create a smarter, sustainable renovation

Are you planning a renovation at your place and wondering how you can best implement sustainable changes as part of the process? It can be hard to pull all the information together. Government agency Sustainability Victoria launched its new Smarter Renovations program this  month – a free online renovation planning resource at The program…


Robin Williams passing & the need to paint

Unless you are currently having a disconnect, in which case good on you (and you won’t be reading this), or you take no notice of the world of film and pop culture, you will know about the passing of the great creative genius, Robin Williams. Firstly my deepest respect to anyone who personally knows and…

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The Happy at Home Project

Do you have areas at your place that stress you out? Things you want to change but can’t afford to, or don’t have time to do? There is just so much out there when it comes to houses and decorating and renovating. I know we get caught up in it all the time at our…

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Life is what happens, spontaneous DIY & painting a feature wall

Life is funny sometimes isn’t it, when it takes over from your plans. You know when you have lots of things planned out ahead and then it all goes astray? That line from John Lennon, “Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans” is one of my favourite lines in…

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