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I had a fabulous meeting with Helen today, she is brilliant, clear and so easy to chat to. I now feel very positive and happy. I would recommend her Consulting to everyone needing advice on the crazy but fantastic world of social media

~ Louise, One Beautiful Thing

Helen is a delight. She is warm and incredibly generous with her vast knowledge of social media. Smart practical advice and very helpful: I got so much out of just one Skype session with her. Thank you Helen!

~ Jessica, Jessica Watts Art

Oh Helen, do you realise how much 'like' traffic one little share creates! You are so lovely and supportive and I can't thank you enough. I wish you lived close by so I could give you a big thank you hug, so I'm hugging from afar!!! Thanks so much x Leah

~ Leah

Helen is a lovely, passionate, caring, sincere person. Her push for quality and sustainable living is inspiring, and it strongly shows in her work. I was touched when she asked to do a feature on my work, as her blog site compliments my work, and my ethics around supporting the planet!!

Michael Hayes

Recently I had the pleasure to work with Helen Edwards, the experience was refreshing & positive. The out come, was a well structured & beautifully presented E-Interview. Helen's dedication to her Website, Recycled Interiors encourages the human race to practice sustainable living, share ideas & have tons of fun along the way. Vale Helen Edwards you are a blessing.

Kym Shaw

Helen Edwards is an expert on social media strategy. She has been a consultant to Decision Support Analytics Pty Ltd to develop the social media strategy to promote an innovative course at one of Australia's leading research Universities. Helen's own sites attest to her ability in generating excellent results through social media. She founded and manages Australia's most influential online diabetes counselling service which she has built up since 2001. She has her own online business "Recycled Interiors" with 57,000 likes on Facebook and 9,300 followers on Instagram.  I would recommend Helen for any social media development projects. Her advice is evidence-based and practical.
                                                - Dr Isabelle Skinner

My business partner Belinda and I admire Helen Edwards expertise online, so booked for a consultation on our blog, social media and advertising campaigns. We were delighted at her willingness to share great tips and advice in her warm and friendly style. She is genuinely interested in helping businesses online to improve and I highly recommend her services. Thank you Helen

                                     - Belinda Smith, Oohm

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The Shock of Family Violence & Phil Walsh Murdered


I have been trying to think about pretty things like butterflies this afternoon after an incredible week of highs and lows this week, starting off with my 16 year old son witnessing a violent fight over skype, between his best friend and his dad on Monday, resulting in the police bringing him here for the…

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Screw You Stress: How to be More Resilient to Stress

how to reduce stress levels

Are you feeling stressed out? Feeling down on yourself and everything else? You are not alone and you can step away from the ways that stress plays with your head and learn how to be more resilient to stress. Stress is a normal part of living and being human and in fact, we need some stress…

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Sustainable Bamboo Bedding with Ettitude

ettitude bamboo bedding 9 (1 of 1)

(I was gifted a Quilt Set for this post but was not paid to write the review) I really wish I could spend more time in my bedroom. Some days it feels like my head has hardly hit the pillow and my feet are hitting the floor! Do you know that feeling? Maxwell is a…

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Ten Tips for Finding Balance in Social Media

life is a series

Your life is just a series of moments. How you experience those moments is the true essence of living. Whether you get a new sofa, win the current blogging competition, or make the most money this week, is not what creates your life. Sure we all need to have enough money to survive, we all…

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How to repurpose an old Table with Lisa from Booken Blend

upcycled table

The kitchen table is such an iconic part of growing up isn’t it? I remember lots of things about sitting around the table as a family when I was a little girl. My mum bought a very old, very large solid oak farmhouse table in the small country town we lived in, at an auction…

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Sustainable Art with Passion for the Planet with Avalyn Doyle

Australian Art

I am sharing a chat with artist Avalyn Doyle of Avalyn Doyle Art today, and her creation of sustainable art with passion for the planet. She is a bit of a gypsy, describing her location as “Byron Bay, Narooma, Melbourne.” I recently met her at our reader event Working With Wood, as she is the talented…

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How to Create a Romantic Vintage Dresser, My Re-Love Project

feast watson after 5 (1 of 1)

Have you got a space in your home for dressing up? When I was little there were no walk in robes or dressing rooms, we simply had a free standing wardrobe and a dressing table. As my parents were into second hand and vintage, I had an amazing 1950’s dressing table, complete with multiple shelves, drawers, a…

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Colour Trend Forecast 2015

colourful throws on bench

Paint is one of the best ways to update your home and the colours you choose will create a different mood, depending on hue and tone. Some people prefer an all white scheme, while others love a dark moody colour palette, or a bright and bubbly blend of colours. I personally love colour, and have…

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Why Your Brain is the Most Important Muscle in Your Workout


What is your favourite form of exercise? Maybe dancing, the gym, running, yoga, pilates, swimming, walking the dog? Perhaps you are a couch potato and generally do what my 6 year old Maxwell suggested on Sunday after our 2.5 hour hike, and exercise your bum through sitting? I have always loved exercise. As a child…

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Duncan Meerding Expands his Cracked Log Lamp Range

Stump LR WW (9)

There is a real passion for natural materials in our homes at the moment. I think we are all craving a connection with nature as a way to counteract our love affair with technology. Lots of people are creating beautiful homewares using a natural and organic approach, but none more than talented designer, Duncan Meerding.…

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