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Grab a vintage tea cup and a nice hot pot of tea and come join me in our recycled home for a chat. I am Helen and I am here to help you create a happier healthier home, business and lifestyle. I offer consultancy on social media, interiors & wellbeing, and I love to help!

I am a passionate advocate for human rights, wellbeing & health, sharing resources and caring for our precious planet.

You can have a chat with me about decorating, styling, upcycling, DIY, your wellbeing and your health. I can also help you with your business, content creation & social media. Just ask.

But first, come join me and tell me more about YOU.

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Sustainable Recycled Furniture with Elliot Bastianon


Happy Friday! How has your week been? I am getting over 3 weeks of family illness and looking forward to a weekend with nobody sick! Today I am sharing a delightful young furniture designer and upcycler Elliot Bastianon, from Canberra who creates sustainable recycled furniture. He says his style is minimalist, but thinks it is too early to…

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pebbles on the beach

ACT Mindfully for Wellbeing & a Healthy Happy Home


Have you ever wondered if you could just stop? Felt so overwhelmed by all the juggling and jumbled up thoughts in your head that you can not even hear yourself think? We are bombarded with information at pepper fast speed and seem to be in a never ending competition to be heard, in our businesses…

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Feast Watson Liming White

How to paint a timber floor white or black


If you have been following along you know that I am one of the designers in the Re-Love project this year with Feast Watson, raising funds for The Salvos. I can’t wait to show you the full reveal and see what the other designers have created! More on that soon, but today I am sharing…

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amart 40 (1 of 1)

Why your outdoor space is good for your wellbeing & a mini deck makeover!


(Brought to you by Super Amart) Today I am talking about the importance of connection to the outdoors in your home, why your outdoor space is good for your wellbeing, and sharing a very simple makeover of our deck, with thanks to Super Amart to show how one small thing can make a difference. I did…

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sustainable stars 1

Sustainable Decorating #Sustainablestars Instagram Features


Welcome to a new week and a new feature! Each Monday I will help you with your sustainable decorating by uncovering 3 of my favourites from my #sustainablestars tag on Instagram. You can follow me here and join in to get your brand featured, and share the sustainable love. You can also get in touch…

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See the future of our built environments at SEE Sustainable Experience


With the global building industry on the cusp of new era of technology and design, now is the time to ensure Queensland builders, architects, designers and tradies are not left behind, which is why Australian Living has developed a world-leading event focusing on products, solutions and education to protect the state’s built environment. SEE Sustainable…

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Helen Edwards Creates – SERVICES


Helen Edwards Creates is the bringing together of all of the creative services I offer, which includes Recycled Interiors blog, shop, sustainable decorating directory, my wellbeing and sustainable decorating consulting, Diabetes Counselling Online and Social Media 4 Good. I offer consulting on social media, interiors and lifestyle. Helen Edwards Creates is all about helping you have a happier healthier home,…

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dining table day bed

How to make an Upcycled Daybed & a Lolly Jar Succulent Centrepiece


Today I am sharing some quick upcycling projects from one of our community members, Breanna. The first is a dining table turned upcycled daybed and the second, a succulent centrepiece from lolly jars. Breanna started upcycling this year and says she is converted, as it saves a lot of money and the environment. Her next project is…

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Plyroom_Settanta Table_Insitu_001

Sustainable Plywood Furniture with Plyroom


Do you love the look of Ply? It has become celebrated as a contemporary and flexible building material and depending on it’s sources and the glues used, can be a sustainable choice. I have seen some beautiful homes with Ply features such as kitchens made by Cantilever. I am adding to our collection of sustainable…

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A happier, healthier home, that doesn’t cost the earth

Recycled Interiors is your go-to resource for being sustainable, healthy and happy at home. At Recycled Interiors, you will find sustainable decorating and design, DIY and upcycling ideas, as well as healthy lifestyle and wellbeing tips and inspiration. My aim is to help you to have a happier, healthier home, that doesn’t cost the earth.

I strongly support businesses who are creating furniture and homewares in a sustainable way.

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