Reclaimed Timber Walls Online

Today’s timber feature walls, bedheads and so on, are so much more stylish than the old wood paneling of the 1970′s don’t you think? Timber feature walls are certainly growing in popularity again and this is a very cool product I am sharing today. I think you will love it, not only for the fact it…


Fotoblox, your photos on salvaged timber

A very cool business today on the blog, Fotoblox, who are taking a very common item and making it even more fabulous – your photos! How many times have you thought about the fact that we store our photos digitally now, and far less often have them in printed form. And photos of your memories, hanging or sitting…

Old Door Table and Buffet and Jay Chairs

Sustainable recycled furniture by Vast Interior

Today I am sharing the story of Vast Interior, who offer a fabulous blend of  eclectic and cultural designs for your home, and who build sustainable recycled furniture and more. You may have seen some of their pieces being used on the last season of House Rules!  They describe their business as a “fusion of styles gathered globally”….

Hard at work!

Websters Chalk Paint Powder Workshops & being grateful

As you all know the world has suffered yet another terrible human tragedy this weekend. It is unbelievable and unimaginable. It is very important that while grieving and supporting those who have been lost, that you do not stay tuned into this horror 24/7, that you unhook, stay present in your life and be mindful….


Kerf Design, upcycled industrial furniture & lighting

Darren Gray of Kerf Design is a traditionally trained furniture maker who was born in London and relocated to Australia in 2012 with his family. Darren designs and makes upcycled industrial furniture and other products such as lighting, taking a fabulous sustainable approach in many of his pieces and creates bespoke furniture and interiors for residential and commercial spaces. Coming…

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