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dulux wash&wear paint

Testing Out The New Dulux Wash&Wear Interior Paint Range

“Brought to you by Nuffnang and Dulux” Paint is one of the quickest and easiest ways to makeover your home and if you are like me, the spring weather is making me want to do some renovating! I am planning to makeover our lounge feature wall with the new Dulux Wash&Wear interior paint range. Featuring…

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ford coobowie trip 19

Making Memories On The Road

What is your first memory of a holiday as a child? I can remember way back to being around 2 or 3 and going camping with my parents in a 2 person tent, out bush in the Flinders Ranges. I can also remember many many road trips and family holidays, including our overseas trek when…

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Australian Ceramics with Cone

Cone 11 Ceramics Studio, Handmade Australian Ceramics

Working from a warm, sun-filled space in the midst of Melbourne’s most unique creative hub, Cone 11 Ceramics Studio, have established themselves as makers of high quality and original ceramics. Drawing on their palette of subtle surfaces that range from shimmering pearly white porcelains to rich encrusted terracottas, each piece, whether it be functional or sculptural,…

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considering sustainability when buying flowers

Why You Need to Consider Sustainability of Flowers in Your Home

Did you know the sustainability of flowers in your home matters just as much as any other area? I posted about this a while back on Valentine’s day in a post about how the sustainability of flowers is far reaching and affects the fair trade industry. Today we chat with Bec Williams, who likes to call herself…

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recycled paper homewares

Upcycled Homewares & Recycled Paper Goods with Hippo & Hump

Catrin and Isabel are the duo behind Hippo & Hump, our featured creatives today! Open for just 6 months, they are from the Gold Coast and have a passion for handcrafting eco-friendly, recycled paper products, with paper from old lecture notes and offices. They also make magazine bowls from old magazines. A totally eco friendly and…

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How to make a DIY chicken coop

How to Make a DIY Chicken Coop with Recycled Materials

Guest Post: By Nikki Dudley from nooks & cranny Would you like to know how to build a DIY chicken coop for under $300? Queensland’s newbie hobby farmers Nikki and Luke of DIY renovation blog nooks & cranny set their sights high with plans to build a grand chicken coop of recycled materials. After watching…

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business and social media strategy ecourse starts soon

Heartfelt & Mindful Business & Social Media e course is live – WIN a spot!

Do you want to find your heart when it comes to your business, brand, blog, social media strategy? Feel less burned out from social media? Save time and learn strategies to create amazing content that connects to your community and customers? Tap into your values, find your WHY and create a manifesto that tells your story in an…

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Ten Things That Tell You Life is Beautiful

Human beings are wired to notice terrible things. We experience all the feelings and that is how it should be, but sometimes with the enormity of all the terrible awful things that happen every day, you can feel like there is no light left in the world. The horror of violence inflicted on each other,…

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upcycled succulent planters

Upcycled Succulent Planters With The Vintage Upcycled Garden

I love finding and supporting local small businesses and today I am sharing these divine upcycled gardens for your home from The Vintage Upcycled Garden. Tracy matches succulent plants to pretty containers that weren’t originally made to house a plant. She does not plant into pots. “I love working with little cups and saucers and milk jugs and…

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tips for a healthy relationship with food

6 Tips to Create a Happy Healthy Eating Environment

Have you ever considered how your eating environment and your relationship with food can help you achieve a healthy, happy home? I have a great guest post today from Kerryn, a food loving dietitian & blogger who just wants to help people cook, eat and enjoy real food. She specialises in diabetes management and sports…

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How to upcycle a cable drum

How to Make an Upcycled Cable Drum Table Planter & Little Vegie Patch Book Giveaway!

Publishing company Hardie Grant Books is very excited to have just published the new Little Veggie Patch Co book – DIY Garden Projects. It’s the Little Veggie Patch Co’s fourth book and this one is a little different from the others because instead of focusing solely on gardening it covers a range of practical, DIY projects…

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party dog

Congratulations and Have a Party!

Welcome to the final day of our challenge! If you have been following along, you have made it! Congratulations on signing up in the first place, on taking time to nurture yourself, your family and your home and to take the time to focus on these things in your busy life. This has been a…

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Let the Fresh Air Inside & Breathe Deep

There is nothing worse than a dark stuffy home. I am one who loves to fling open the windows as often as possible, even on the coldest days, for at least a little while. Fresh air is the best way to refresh your home and artificial scents will never equal it. Today I just want…

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How to Quit Your Job, Change the world and create the life you dream

How To Quit Your Job, Change The World & Create The Life of Your Dreams

Is that what you want from life? To quit working for someone else, create the life of your dreams and change the world? Lots of us want this dream. Holding onto a dream of how you want your life to be is great, but after a while, when it has been there for so long and…

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sunset coobowie 5 (1 of 1).jpg web

Time To Do One Thing You Have Been Putting Off

There are just a few days to go on our 30 day challenge and I am hoping that you have found some of the tasks to be helpful for creating a happy healthy home, and loving your home and your life more. Today I would like you to look at one thing you have been…

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10 tips for decorating in small spaces

Create Some Personal Art For Your Home

Are your walls at home covered with art, totally bare or somewhere in between? Art is a central part of a happy healthy home, but it does not have to be a mass produced print, or an original artwork from a top artist. You may want to include a combination of pieces that could be…

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healthy fruits

Plant Some Herbs or Vegetables in the Garden or a Pot

Having greenery around your home is good for you and the planet and we have talked about adding pot plants around the place. Today we are talking specifically about herbs and vegetables. Growing your own fruit and vegetables is good for your health and wellbeing and saves money in the weekly shopping list. Do you…

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just be you, be beautiful and be comfortable in your own skin.

Why You Must Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin

I have had one of those weeks, well maybe a little longer than a week. You know the ones that hit after you have had extremely exciting news and then, as time passes, you start to wonder if it really happened? Being told I am a state finalist in the Telstra Business Women’s Awards was…

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Our recycled rag rugs

Tips on Adding a Rug to a Room

One of my favourite things to do at home is simply to shift things around. They say a change is as good as a holiday and I agree! Sometimes it is the small things that make a big difference in your home, and rugs are one of these things! We have looked at how to…

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Top Pallet Upcycle Projects From Around the Web

I know how you all love pallets so much, so I have curated a quick post with a few great videos and pallet upcycle projects from around the web for you to do some research and come up with your own ideas! Let me know what you think and if you have done a pallet…

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towel line

Why You Need To Consider Your Cleaning Products

Cleaning, most of us don’t really love it, although I must say I get great satisfaction on the day I clean the house and if I wasn’t so busy and trying to squeeze it in, actually can quite enjoy it. Anything that can make the work easier and be better for the planet and our…

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Why You Should Play a Game with Family or Friends

This is one of my favourite challenges as I love playing board games and cards with the family and it is something that is easy to let go with our busy online lives. But taking time out to connect with people over a board or card game is irreplaceable quality time and creates strong memories.…

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mountain road with trees

5 Ways to Climb Out of Your Head When You are Having a Bad Day

Do you have those days? You know the ones where you wake up and just feel like things are out of kilter, a little off balance, not quite where you want to be? Even if you have never experienced depression or anxiety (which I have done in my past and that is no picnic), you…

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Why You Should Write up a Weekly Meal Plan and Shopping List

This is one that I tend to stray away from at times, but I know it is better for your wallet, your brain and your health. If you work out ahead for the week, what you will have for your main meals, write a list and then stick to it, not only will you stay…

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Time To Sort the Laundry

If you are joining our challenge, or if you just think it may be a useful thing for your happy healthy home, I want you to look at your laundry today. This is the third of the trio of hard working rooms in a home. You may have a small laundry or a large, but it…

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Ocean Sunrise

Why You Should Get Up Early and See the Sunrise

Are you an early riser or someone who hits the snooze button numerous times before finally crawling out of bed? It does not matter what you prefer, that is totally cool but today, I am asking you to try something tomorrow that will make an impact on your wellbeing & your day. Today’s task is…

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How To Add More Fruit and Vegetables to Your Table

Today is about your health and wellbeing in your home, with the addition of more fruit and vegetables to your table. Do you eat enough fruit and vegetables in your day? I know it can be hard to eat the recommended amounts, especially if you are on the run. But if you can stop and…

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sheep at the Royal Adelaide show

Why You Should Visit Your Local Agricultural Show

Do you go to your local agricultural or royal show? We recently headed to the Royal Adelaide Show which is an institution in South Australia, and firmly entwined in my memories. These start as a child going to the show with my parents back when the show bags were real free sample bags and the…

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Time To Add Some Plants & Flowers to Your Home

Do you have indoor plants? They have really made a comeback and have a positive impact on the indoor air quality and general feeling of your indoor spaces. I remember when I first moved out of home in the mid 80’s (showing my age!) indoor plants were still all the rage, continuing on from the…

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How To Style a Small Room Better

Most of us have a small room in our homes. These can be cosy and warm unlike the large spaces we looked at yesterday.  Small can be cosy, lovely and very practical, yet small spaces can also fill up quickly and become cramped and cluttered. The most important thing is not the size of your…

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Social Media, Business & Blog Consulting & Coaching

Are you looking for help with your social media strategy? Wondering how you can use social media to grow your community & your business? Maybe you have a business or blog and need someone to help bring your dreams to life? I can help! I have over 15 years experience growing communities & business online. Get in touch so we can create a strategy to fit your needs.

I had a fabulous meeting with Helen today, she is brilliant, clear and so easy to chat to. I now feel very positive and happy. I would recommend her Consulting to everyone needing advice on the crazy but fantastic world of social media

~ Louise, One Beautiful Thing

Helen is a delight. She is warm and incredibly generous with her vast knowledge of social media. Smart practical advice and very helpful: I got so much out of just one Skype session with her. Thank you Helen!

~ Jessica, Jessica Watts Art

Oh Helen, do you realise how much 'like' traffic one little share creates! You are so lovely and supportive and I can't thank you enough. I wish you lived close by so I could give you a big thank you hug, so I'm hugging from afar!!! Thanks so much x Leah

~ Leah

Helen is a lovely, passionate, caring, sincere person. Her push for quality and sustainable living is inspiring, and it strongly shows in her work. I was touched when she asked to do a feature on my work, as her blog site compliments my work, and my ethics around supporting the planet!!

Michael Hayes

Recently I had the pleasure to work with Helen Edwards, the experience was refreshing & positive. The out come, was a well structured & beautifully presented E-Interview. Helen's dedication to her Website, Recycled Interiors encourages the human race to practice sustainable living, share ideas & have tons of fun along the way. Vale Helen Edwards you are a blessing.

Kym Shaw

Helen Edwards is an expert on social media strategy. She has been a consultant to Decision Support Analytics Pty Ltd to develop the social media strategy to promote an innovative course at one of Australia's leading research Universities. Helen's own sites attest to her ability in generating excellent results through social media. She founded and manages Australia's most influential online diabetes counselling service which she has built up since 2001. She has her own online business "Recycled Interiors" with 57,000 likes on Facebook and 9,300 followers on Instagram.  I would recommend Helen for any social media development projects. Her advice is evidence-based and practical.
                                                - Dr Isabelle Skinner

My business partner Belinda and I admire Helen Edwards expertise online, so booked for a consultation on our blog, social media and advertising campaigns. We were delighted at her willingness to share great tips and advice in her warm and friendly style. She is genuinely interested in helping businesses online to improve and I highly recommend her services. Thank you Helen

                                     - Belinda Smith, Oohm

We used Helen to help us select paint colours for a refresh of the interior and exterior of our home. Nothing was too much trouble. Very collaborative and willing to both listen to our preferences as well as provide her own opinion. Helen was happy to get as involved as we needed and wasn't pushy and is such a lovely person to deal with. Recommended.

- Peter

I lost all my homemaking desire and skills over the years due to a series of events and circumstances, I was just worn down with having dreams but never living them in the end even dreaming the dreams got lost on me, so when I came across Helen at Recycled Interiors things started to change for me.

Helen is a massive talent with an abundant energy for this business. She has what seems to be to me an amazing eye for detail and concepts. I would absolutely recommend anyone going on an adventure with will NEVER regret it!
- Tracey

I consulted Recycled Interiors regarding the south facing Dining Room in my 1940's house. I wanted to maximise space & light & retain thematic links to the original '40's house. Helen provided a large Wall Unit + Dining chairs which she had sourced & advised me on how they could be upcycled to fit my desired themes. She also provided extensive advice regarding colour & texture for the whole room, & how the wall unit & chairs might be refinished in order to fit. Her advice regarding wall & floor finishes fitted perfectly with my own ideas. I found her to be creative & very prepared to listen to my ideas & wishes.

- Jane

I couldn't have asked for a better social media and business mentor. Helen is not only so easy to talk to but really know her stuff. Helen has shown me lots of ways to increase my social media reach which I have put into place, with good results. Thank you so much Helen for your valuable insight into online business and your passion to share your knowledge with a small business like mine!

Jess Crawford Art

A HUGE thank you Helen for our session yesterday! It was incredible! Talk about connecting to my inner held dreams & desires! Loaded with tools to make it happen! You are amazing!


Helen Edwards Recycled Interiors
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