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Book Review, Eco-Chic Decorating, renew, repurpose, recycle

I am a very creative person but I am not a crafty person. I hate sitting still for long unless it involves writing. I am an artist but I love big brush kind of painting, where I stand up, shift around and get messy with paint, charcol and pastels. I get pains in  my brain when anyone mentions sewing. :) I like painting walls at home but hate doing the woodwork and trim and don’t get me started on wallpaper!

I am happy to paint a piece of furniture but can’t be bothered with prep work hence why I adore Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

I am a pretty good interior decorator. People tell me I have an eye and a skill. I have a sense with colour, texture and tone and adore pulling rooms together. But I prefer to find the pieces to put in the room and let me do my magic, rather than me sitting for the day to create a masterpiece to go in the room.  That said, I did spend a year or so with my beautiful friend who recently passed away with cancer, doing decoupage lessons and projects and loved it, among other things. And I am heading to the Barossa Valley to Brocante in the Barossa soon for an Annie Sloan Chalk Paint intensive class and can’t wait – and will blog the day! So perhaps I am more crafty than I give myself credit for…..or maybe it is just sewing and cutting tasks!

I also want to have a go at some more in depth upcycling projects. This is why I am building my collection of books to give me ideas. I love Google and use all sorts of blogs and websites to get ideas, but there is still nothing like the beauty of a good book. A guide you can pull off the shelf on a rainy Sunday to find a project without going online. Plus they look pretty in the bookshelf :)

I have just joined the Affiliate programme at Amazon ( to try and cover a tiny portion of the costs of running the blog) and have been scouring Amazon for relevant books you all may be interested in. I will review and then share and any sales from links here will give me a tiny percentage to go towards running the blog (or maybe just a cup of tea!).

ecochic decorating eco chic decorating 2

The first is Eco-Chic Decorating (Leisure Arts #4816)
- This gorgeous book full of inspiring photographs of projects has the same focus as we do – to “Save the planet. Save money. Have fun doing both”  You don’t need to be highly crafty to do most of the projects (so yes even I may be able to!). There is a large range of ideas and how to do DIY with items that would otherwise be headed for the landfill.

There are over 120+ ideas and a lot don’t require any crafting experience at all. Yay! They are split into renew, reinvent and recycle and include templates for some projects. If it all turns out you will have created some wonderful “new” furniture, accessories, and gifts that only cost time and a few crafting supplies. The book suggests ideas for both renewing the way some pieces look as well as repurposing others into entirely new pieces.

Some of my favourites include using tablecloths to dress a window, creating new finishes with simple use of painters tape on tables and chairs, lampshade upcycles with silver leaf, creating an ottoman from an old side table, making chair cushions and recovering chairs. I am going to try the ottoman as a first project as I need one for my lounge room so will share with you when I get my supplies together and get started!

Recommended read – available in kindle and paperback Eco-Chic Decorating (Leisure Arts #4816)



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  1. September 23, 2013 @ 6:30 am Sandra Kenny

    sounds great good luck with it all
    Sandra Kenny


  2. October 4, 2013 @ 9:14 am Val

    So I love the idea of painting old furniture but 1) I never get around to painting it and 2) it never turns out the way I want it to! So I’ve decided it’s best I leave it up to the pros and luckily there’s a fabulous furniture store down the road from me which I absolutely adore and they sell custom furniture and a ton of cute home decor accessories. You can find them at


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