Planet People Home Weekly Photo Challenge!

I love photographs, taking them and looking at them. Instagram has become probably my favourite social media place to hang out, not just because of the amazing array of images from people all over the world, but for the beautiful hearts and the joy in taking part in a challenge. Last year Fiona from Von Haus Designs and I kicked off a Buy Nothing New Month challenge and it was great fun! We intend on running some more vintage challenges in 2014 so stay tuned.

Planet People Home

Today I am launching a year long Recycled Interiors challenge that I would love to see you get involved in – The Planet, People, Home Weekly Photo Challenge. 

Joining the weekly photo challenge is simple and should be fun! You just take 3 photos a week – one from each of the themes of planet people home. There are not really any hard and fast rules, the idea is to get you thinking each week about planet, people and home, and then capturing a moment in time for each of these three things.

How it works

Each month, on the first Saturday, I will publish a list here with a planet, people and a home theme for each week of the month, starting January 4th 2014.

You take a photo from each theme (or more if you get into it!) using the list to get your creative juices started! Then the really fun part – you share it online. It is not restricted to Instagram, you can share where ever you like, with Facebook and Instagram being two of the best places. However you can also use Pinterest, Twitter, your own blog, Google+ or any other place you like.

What do you get out of playing?

Lots! It gets you thinking more about our planet, the people in your life or the wider world, and your home. It encourages you to be more mindful in the moment and notice something important about your planet, people or home that you might otherwise have missed. It will be fun! And it gets you some creative downtime. Sharing photos is a beautiful way to be connected to a community of like minded people and it is good for your heart and soul. Healthy Planet, Healthy People, Healthy Home.

How to share

  • If you choose to share on Instagram, just add the hashtag #RIplanetpeoplehome to your photos and tag me with Recycled_Interiors if you can. I will keep a gallery on the blog here of some of the photos over time so you can see them all in one lovely place.
  • If you’re sharing on Facebook, you can share on your own personal page, or on the Recycled Interiors Facebook page You can hashtag on Facebook now so if you add the #RIplanetpeoplehome hashtag you will be able to search and see what people are doing.
  • If you share anywhere else such as Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ it helps if you use the hashtag #RIplanetpeoplehome and/or tag Recycled Interiors where possible

If you want to keep up with what people are posting, Instagram is one of the easier ways to do so by searching the #RIplanetpeoplehome hashtag to see everyone’s photos. One of the best aspects of Instagram is then liking and commenting on each other’s photos!

On Facebook, I will start an album so if you load to the Recycled Interiors page you will be able to go and look through the album at any time. You can also use the hashtag there now too which will help look through what is being shared.

Saturday Selection

Each Saturday on Instagram and Facebook I will feature 12 photos that stood out to me during the week – 4 planet, 4 people and 4 home shots. These will just be images that I feel reflect the healthy planet, healthy people, healthy home feeling and which have something special about them. It does not mean they are the best photographs or works of art! Just make sure you either share your pictures on Facebook or on Instagram using the #RIplanetpeoplehome hashtag to be part of the Saturday Selection.

There are NO failures and NO musts

This is about fun, creativity, mindfulness and community. If you miss a week or month or whatever, no worries, just hop back in when you can. We will still love you!

If you want to get a kickstart on the list for the next month, sign up to the Newsletter and you will get the list to your inbox on the Saturday prior to it going live on the blog. You can sign up here 

Here is the first list! have fun!






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