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Welcome to Recycled Interiors, Australia's home for sustainable decorating. I am Helen Edwards, writer, stylist, speaker & podcaster. Join us to talk all things health, happiness & sustainability. Find beautiful sustainable homewares in our online store. Book a healthy home decorating consult. Get inspired to decorate your home with your own style, feel good about yourself, your home & your everyday, with our blog and podcast. Think before you buy, reduce your waste & lighten your footprint on the planet. I look forward to getting to know you more and helping you create a home and a life you can love, while caring for your health, wellbeing & our planet.  You can read more about us here  x Helen


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Get inspired to live a more sustainable life on the Recycled Interiors Podcast! Think before you buy, reduce your waste and tread more lightly on the planet, while you create a happy healthy home and life. Come and chat all things health, happiness and sustainability, and create a healthy planet, healthy people and a healthy home.

Lovely Words From Lovely People


Helen's blog post & lovely words helped contribute to my Stump & Cracked Log Lamps trending on Pinterest! I owe her a big thanks. It's crazy to see her blog article about my work being shared over 185,000 times. It feels a bit surreal & something I didn't think would happen when I started out on this journey in the creative world.

Duncan Meerding, Duncan Meerding Design

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Helen is a lovely, passionate, caring, and sincere person. Her push for us all to look at how we can increase more sustainable living is inspiring, and it strongly shows in her work across Recycled Interiors and complements my work, and my ethics, around creating quality furniture that lasts, while supporting the planet.

Michael Hayes - Michael Hayes Furniture


I’m a newbie to all things sustainable & Helen’s book had my interest piqued from the start. She covers lots of areas including cooking, gardening, furniture restoration & sustainable decorating – and makes great points about the benefits of these practices, backed up with facts about environmental impacts.

Bridgett McDonald, The Able Editor


We are so excited to be connecting with like-minded people via The Sustainable Home Hub platform. As a directory, it’s a great listing for services and products with a sustainable focus. And as a platform, it’s providing information and advocacy for green living. It’s smart. And, it’s the way of the future.

KT Doyle, Founder, JEANBAG


"Over the past few years the idea that the way we humans live our lives impacts on the world and everything in it has been a much explored theme in new literature in all modes. This new text by Helen Edwards of Recycled Interiors is a beautiful book, a good read, accessible and easy to dip into. Helen blends her own distilled thoughts, developed through years of blogging and research, with material from contributors, quoted material from the great thinkers of the world, and beautifully composed photographs. Written from the heart, Helen has produced a work which speaks to us all about the importance of even our smallest actions". 

Helen Wilde - B. A., B.Ed., Dip T (sec.)

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