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how to create a vintage laundry using secondhand pieces

How to Create a Vintage Laundry

By helene | June 18, 2018 | 0

Creating a more sustainable home often involves thinking, more than anything else. Considering what you really need, what you can use that you already have, what is out there secondhand, what could be upcycled or used in a unique way. It is about planning and thinking outside the square a little. Hilary wanted to sort out her laundry and needed something better than the hammer-lock shelves and plastic tubs she already had. She has a huge laundry, but as it is also her sewing room she needs the space! For a time, she had assumed she would just add built-in…

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Decor and Design 2018

By helene | June 15, 2018 | 2

The Decor+Design show in Melbourne is always around my birthday, so on a couple of occasions, we have made a family roadtrip out of the event. This year, Mr Recycled, Maxwell and I, will be hitting the road for a 2 week holiday, starting in Daylesford, then to Decor and Design, finishing with a Great Ocean Road experience. I am getting excited! If you have never been to Decor+Design, it is a must! For me, the first time I attended, it was the combination of seeing and meeting all of the creatives on show, coupled with the International Seminar Series…

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simple tips for a more sustainable home

Simple Tips For a More Sustainable Home

By helene | June 14, 2018 | 0

It can be so overwhelming when you start to look at all of the things you could be doing to live in a more sustainable way. Worrying about it all just leads to eco-anxiety, which I spoke about here. What you want to do is find a balance between being completely ignorant about the need to live more sustainably, and worrying about every little piece of packaging and the hopelessness of trying to reduce our carbon emissions. Every step does help. Every little thing you do in your daily life, makes an impact and the more of us doing these things,…

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The Elementals Collection by St James Whitting, Coloured by Resene

By helene | June 13, 2018 | 0

There are so many talented people in Australia, and 2 of our most creative, experienced and passionate interior designers, Kate St James, and Catherine Whitting, of St James Whitting, are delighted to announce their collaboration with Resene paints, to create the Elementals Collection. Kate and Catherine are part of our Sustainable Home Hub and Kate also features in my book, and on one of our podcasts here.  With more than 50 years of combined experience, St James Whitting specialises in environmentally sustainable, eco-friendly building and interior design, and believes that everyone has the right to beautiful and sustainable design, filled with…

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Welcome to Recycled Interiors, Your Green Home & Living Hub - where we help you create a beautiful sustainable home. We are your home for sustainable decorating & design. I am Helen Edwards - Mama, Blogger and Product and Interior Stylist. At Recycled Interiors you will find our very popular blog, product styling & sustainable home decorating services and our Sustainable Home Hub Directory, and online store.

We are on a mission to encourage slower homes, that refuse consumption of unethical, poorly made items, and increase sustainable living. Celebrate diversity, love your own style, and connect more with each other. Stop worrying about what other people think and more about what you can do to be happier, healthier, and create a home you love that's better for you, your family and our planet.

At Recycled Interiors we believe in YOUR style being perfect and in creating a beautiful home that treads more lightly on the planet

Helen xx





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