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designer recycled timber furniture with 2nd Chance Tables, made in Australia from recycled timber

Why Recycled Timber Furniture is So Good For You

By helene | April 19, 2018 | 0

We already know that timber is one of the most sustainable building materials we have. Recycled timber has the added bonus of having already had a life, and thus being part of the chain of recycle, reuse and reinvent – and it is often very beautiful due to the number of lives it has lived. There is nothing like finding a piece of furniture, or using timber from another object, to create a special place in your home. Just like the lines in the face of your grandmother, a piece of recycled timber has many stories to tell. Often, things…

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Plastic Pollution Calculator Launch For Earth Day 2018

By helene | April 18, 2018 | 0

As many of you know, management of plastic waste is a global crisis, making the resulting plastic pollution one of the most pressing problems we face. The good news is we can all make a difference on a daily basis.  As part of Earth Day 2018 on April 22, Earth Day Network has released an online Plastics Pollution Calculator for you to calculate the amount of disposable plastic you use in a year and make plans to reduce the waste. The Ocean Crusaders report that it is now believed that there are 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic debris in the ocean. Of that mass,…

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Simple Ways to Reduce Your Eco-Anxiety

By helene | April 16, 2018 | 4

Do you find yourself agonizing over your choice of cleaning products? Do you beat yourself up every time you stray from your no plastic bag commitment, or worry about the future of the planet for your children so much you find it hard to sleep sometimes? If so, you could be suffering from eco-anxiety. Defined as “anxiety or worry about the ecological threats facing the earth”. Eco-anxiety is not a recognised mental illness, but is becoming a common reaction to the understanding about the issues we face from things like global warming, the health of our oceans, extinction of animals…

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Tree Hut Village: Baby Equipment Rental Hire Australia

By helene | April 13, 2018 | 0

If you have ever travelled with babies and young children, you will know all of the difficulties you can face in dealing with prams, car seats, cots and all the paraphernalia that goes along with it! It can also be hard to know what is on offer locally for babysitting, activities, medical help and more. Eva Wintersberger, founder of Tree Hut Village, is on a mission to make travelling with kids more enjoyable and less wasteful by making it possible for you to: – Rent equipment from local parents – Connect with local parents for advice – Re-home used prams…

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Welcome to Recycled Interiors, Australia's Green Home & Living Hub. We are your home for sustainable decorating & design, where we help you create a beautiful sustainable home. I am Helen Edwards - Mama, Blogger and Product and Interior Stylist. At Recycled Interiors you will find our very popular blog, product styling & sustainable home decorating services and our Sustainable Home Hub Directory, and online store.

We are on a mission to encourage slower homes, that refuse consumption of unethical, poorly made items, and increase sustainable living. Celebrate diversity, love your own style, and connect more with each other. Stop worrying about what other people think and more about what you can do to be happier, healthier, and create a home you love that's better for you, your family and our planet.

At Recycled Interiors we believe in YOUR style being perfect and in creating a beautiful home that treads more lightly on the planet

Helen xx





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Duncan Meerding Expands his Cracked Log Lamp Range

By helene | June 24, 2015

There is a real passion for natural materials in our homes at the moment. I think we are all craving a connection with nature as a way to counteract our love affair with technology. Lots of people are creating beautiful homewares using a natural and organic approach, but none more than talented designer, Duncan Meerding.…

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Upcycled Pallet Cubby Houses Made in Australia

By helene | February 26, 2016

Cubby houses are such a wonderful part of childhood. Did you have a cubby? I remember having cubbies under trees and made indoors from blankets over chairs. Mr Recycled has made some amazing cubbies over the years for our boys, including a 2 storey fort with a sandpit underneath, and Maxwell’s current cubby made from…

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Fabulous upcycling ideas to inspire you with RETRASH

By helene | January 24, 2017

I am sharing tons of upcycling ideas to inspire you today with a bit of a book review of Retrash-  a high quality, soft cover coffee table book showcasing inspirational ideas on reusing second hand materials through upcycling. I met the author Nathan Devine, at a talk with the inspiring Terracycle at Google headquarters  A book like this…

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7 Reasons Why Thrift Shopping is Good for You

By helene | September 9, 2015

  Shopping in second hand, thrift or op shops (opportunity shops) is becoming more and more popular, and for good reason. Are you a thrift or op shop lover like me? I have grown up wandering through second hand and vintage shops, so for me it is second nature. I remember when my dear darling…

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How to upcycle a lampshade with vintage sheet music

By helene | April 8, 2016

There is just something about vintage sheet music, paper and maps, they work so well for decoupage projects, craft and art. There is something about old music sheets in particular that are very beautiful, would you agree? Those notes and scripts just dance across the page and create a stunning accent in your decorating, and…

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upcycled chicken coop and hw to keep chickens

Top 10 Tips For Keeping Chickens

By helene | March 25, 2017

Do you have or have you ever kept chickens? It is rising in popularity in our cities as people turn back to organic and home grown food, urban gardens, and wanting less reliance on the questionable chicken industry. I remember being a little girl living in rural South Australia and my parents had a few…

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Painting an Upholstered Chair with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

By helene | April 11, 2014

Do you have an old chair that has seen better days? You may want to change the fabric, but if you don’t want to go to the trouble and expense, you can always paint it with chalk paint! I created this look a few years ago after reading about how to chalk paint fabric chairs,…

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blitz2go blender review

Kambrook Blitz2Go Blender Review: Just don’t tell them it’s Zucchini Smoothie

By helene | November 29, 2015

Do you love a good smoothie? It can be a great way to get your fruit and vegetable serves, or to increased them for your kids. A while back I was given a Blitz2Go Blender so that I could experiment with some recipes. It was a very popular post, so I am bringing it back to the…

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Upcycled radiator coffee table via Kuttelfish on Recycled Interiors

10 Funky Upcycled Lounge Room Ideas

By helene | February 18, 2016

Have you ever thought about using something upcycled in your home but wondered where to start? Well Recyclers, we have some very funky upcycled lounge room ideas for your inspo today from our friends at the very cool Kuttlefish.  Upcycled Auto-Loveseat How dreamy is this!! Take that old car and turn it into an auto…

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