Aromatherapy at home, the power of scent with Scentcillo

IMG_3439Do you use aromatherapy at home? Scent is such a mood setter in your home and burning oils and candles can actually have a soothing effect on your mood. Have you ever experienced smelling a scent and being taken back in time? The olfactory bulb is part of your brain’s limbic system, which is very closely associated with memory and feeling. Sometimes this part of the brain is referred to as the “emotional brain,” due to the way smell can connect with memories and feelings as soon as you catch a scent on the wind.

The other factor in this process are the connections we make with the particular event, moment, person, or thing, at the time we take in the smell for the first time. Your brain creates a link between the smell and a memory — for example the smell of lillies always takes me back to hospital after having my children, or the smell of a certain aftershave or perfume can propel you back to a past lover. When you come across this smell again, the link is already there, and the memory or mood is brought up for you. This is why we all love and hate different smells, they are very personal.

Today’s interview is with Denise Viera, from Scentcillo, who knows all about scent and smell. She is one of the supporters of our upcoming Melbourne event, Working with Wood, with special guest Barry Du Bois. There are only about 20 seats left so grab yours here! 

All of our guests will be getting a sample of the beautiful Shaman essential oil blend, a mix of citrus and wood essential oils which fits in perfectly with our Working with Wood event. For an uplifting, welcoming atmosphere the sharp citrus and sweet wood notes of the Shaman blend, makes your place brighter and energetic. It creates a sensation of space in smaller rooms and can work quite well with a bushland environment or even a modern, graphic inspired styling or industrial space. A cooling blend for hot, humid weather. Citrus scents are useful to cut through cooking or animal smells and refresh the air.

IMG_3406Scentcillo is a boutique business using essential oils to create vaporiser blends for ambient scenting, with an emphasis on the use of scent as a styling and designing tool. Inspired by our world’s culture, the various aromas evoke a mood, memory, atmosphere or smellscape, taking you on a sensory journey. The essential oils are plant based aromas, with the essences of the flowers, leaves, woods and resins of a plant. All products are packaged in dark blue glass bottles that are recyclable.

Denise says she aims to be sustainable in her business, with her web host provider being a carbon neutral Australian business that provides an EcoHost logo to indicate and encourage other businesses to take their carbon footprint into account. A proportion of business profits are donated to Greenfleet Australia, a NGO charity that offsets greenhouse emissions by planting native trees that soak up C02 from the atmosphere.

“I like to research the back story of the raw materials I use so that I can make more informed choices in relation to the sustainability of the essential oils that are used” says Denise.


Who are you? Tell us about the people behind the business

I’ve worked as a community pharmacist and herbalist and in the last few years my focus has been on establishing a business that provides essential oil blends for ambient scenting.

I wanted to create a range of scents using botanical ingredients that provided an eco friendly and accessible way to enhance the experience of a particular environment and give it meaning and purpose. Of all our senses we often neglect to take our sense of smell into consideration when we are thinking of the way we experience the environment around us. Smells can trigger a memory response corresponding to a strong emotional tone.

Just as importantly, focusing on the smells around us when we are engaging with our environment allows us to experience it from a new perspective and puts mindfulness and reflective awareness into practice. An aroma has the potential to not only evoke powerful feelings of our home for example, but to mold our intangible sense of the metamorphosis of a house into a home – a sense of place.

cinammonWhat made you fall in love with the idea?

Through my research and working with essential oils I have acquired a deeper understanding of the significance of scents and their importance in our social and cultural history, their psychological effects and the role they can play in the design of spaces and as a tool of communication.

I also love the ritual of adding essential oils to an oil burner or vaporiser and how they provide an aromatic link to the natural world, helping us to get to know and enjoy the richness, vitality and authenticity of botanical aromas.

What are your thoughts on sustainability and how is this part of your business and own home?

Learning about how essential oils are produced and processed has given me a greater understanding and appreciation of how precious and valuable these raw materials are and how things like climate change, disease, conflict or farming practices can impact on sustainability. It makes you more respectful and aware of the natural environment and how important it is to maintain it in a sustainable way.

Through the Scentcillo blog I want to give people information about the essential oils that are used in the blends so that people are aware of where these raw materials come from and how they got to us.

In my home I like to decorate with vintage or recycled materials and furniture where I can – I love how these things have a history to them, their craftsmanship and aesthetics and the fact that they are being put to good use instead of being thrown or destroyed.

I adore the smell of wood in a home – floors, furniture or structure and how it contributes to the smellscape of a place.

Do you have any tips for other people wanting to create a sustainable home?

Apart from using essential oils for home scenting, if your oils are out of date or have lost their vibrancy, particularly citrus oils, use them when you’re cleaning.

Some of your favourite things you create?

I enjoy the process of getting to know the raw materials I’m working with and how they interact and harmonise with one another, telling a story through their aroma.

Biggest Challenge in setting up and running your business?

Making the best use of your time as you’re responsible for all aspects of the business, be it creative, marketing and sales or financial.

What do people say when they see your work?

People enjoy how each scent can evoke a very different feeling and ambience and the styling suggestions we have provided on the website to enhance the experience each blend brings to their space.

Do you recommend any particular materials, processes or ideas for people wanting to create a more sustainable and mindful home?

Pay attention to the scents that are around you, let them enrich your living experience and become a part of your daily ritual. You don’t have to be an expert to have a connection to scent.??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

I am a huge scent person and highly affected by them, as is my Maxwell. He must smell everything and if he hates it, he will just not participate. He loves my smell the best and will drag my nighties around the house. Must be some very strong smell memories there. I also remember loving the scent of my Mamma. Maybe we should bottle that. 🙂
Do you have a favourite scent? Or one that drives you crazy?

You can find the full range on the Scentcillo site

thank you to Denise for her support of our event




  1. Scentcillo on April 8, 2015 at 1:55 pm

    Interesting about how Maxwell likes your scent  – the chemical communication that goes on between us is a fascinating topic. There was a  segment on Insight yesterday on SBS talking about the relationships between siblings .One guest talked about the strong scent bond she had with one of her sons and how they both liked to smell one another.

  2. Recycled_Interiors on April 14, 2015 at 4:29 pm

    @Scentcillo how interesting! Totally agree, I was the same with my Mum and I am sure that there are family connections with scent – thanks for sharing!

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