How to Create a Vintage Laundry

how to create a vintage laundry using secondhand pieces

Creating a more sustainable home often involves thinking, more than anything else. Considering what you really need, what you can use that you already have, what is out there secondhand, what could be upcycled or used in a unique way. It is about planning and thinking outside the square a little. Hilary wanted to sort…

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Decor and Design 2018


The Decor+Design show in Melbourne is always around my birthday, so on a couple of occasions, we have made a family roadtrip out of the event. This year, Mr Recycled, Maxwell and I, will be hitting the road for a 2 week holiday, starting in Daylesford, then to Decor and Design, finishing with a Great…

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Simple Tips For a More Sustainable Home

simple tips for a more sustainable home

It can be so overwhelming when you start to look at all of the things you could be doing to live in a more sustainable way. Worrying about it all just leads to eco-anxiety, which I spoke about here. What you want to do is find a balance between being completely ignorant about the need to…

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Renovate Restore Recycle Forever!

renovate restore recycle strippng out old homes and using materials to renovate period properties

You are going to love this Sustainable Home Hub feature, sharing the story of Renovate Restore Recycle.  Based in Bendigo, Victoria, owner Christian Bloomfield, says that funnily enough they are probably the only salvage yard in Australia that doesn’t actually have a yard and isn’t open to the general public! Renovate Restore Recycle demolish and strip out…

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