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Simple Tips For a More Sustainable Home

simple tips for a more sustainable home

It can be so overwhelming when you start to look at all of the things you could be doing to live in a more sustainable way. Worrying about it all just leads to eco-anxiety, which I spoke about here. What you want to do is find a balance between being completely ignorant about the need to…

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World Environment Day 2018: Beat Plastic Pollution

More and more we are talking about the need to reduce our reliance on plastic. Each day another horror story emerges, about the ways that plastics are literally strangling our world. Alongside this, are so many fantastic innovations and ideas for how we can reduce our use of plastic and particularly, single use plastic. You…

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Greetings From The Earth

eco friendly recycled gift cards made in australia by earth greetings

Do you still send snail mail? Or give people cards for special occasions? Despite the digital world we live in, most of us still love to give and receive a physical memento of special occasions, especially when they are beautiful. Wrapping paper is often an art in itself,  letters are also making a comeback and…

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Reducing Food Waste with The Swag

Food waste is one of our biggest problems. If you compost your food scraps you can make a massive difference, as well as creating compost for your garden. However food scraps thrown in the usual garbage leads to rotting food in landfills. As it breaks down it creates excessive methane gas. This is far worse…

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Showcase of Energy Storage Technologies in Australia

Technology is changing so very fast in many sectors and none more so than in renewables and energy storage. Australia is perfectly positioned to be developing alternatives to fossil fuels and creative ways to store and use energy – both in large scale and residential settings. At Recycled Interiors HQ we have recently started our…

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