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Off-Grid Energy Australia

off-grid energy australia

Off-Grid Energy Australia are one of our newest businesses on the Sustainable Home Hub. One of the founders Emily Driscoll, had a chat with us about how they support people to go off-grid, as well as some general tips for creating a more sustainable home. Based in South Australia, they operate across SA, Victoria, Tasmania, WA,…

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Vote For Me in the 2018 AusMumpreneur Awards!

I am very excited to have been nominated by one of our beautiful community members for the 2018 AusMumpreneur Awards! There is a judged round which I have selected the Sustainability Award category, and a people’s choice award which is now open for you to vote in! I would really appreciate it if you could…

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How Plastic is Affecting the Oceans

how plastic is affecting the oceans

Like many of you, I adore the ocean and all of the life that lives within and around it. Growing up in a small country town surrounded by beaches, the sea is part of my memories and essential to my life. Time spent at our beach shack fills me up with everything I need to…

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A Million Reasons Why

It is so easy to get caught up in the small, everyday moments of life. You forget that there are huge, enormous things to worry about, think about, take action about. Noticing the small things is very very important in being mindful. Being present in the current moment, seeing all the little reasons why life…

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How to Choose the Best Reusable Shopping Bags

what are the best options for resuable bags

It is so wonderful to see all of the action and advocay for banning single use plastics coming to fruition. This includes plastic bags, straws, water bottles and coffee cups. People out there are starting to realise how important this is and make changes. We have a very long way to go. With the announcement…

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