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What is a #realhomesmovement home?

Whenever I do a call out for people to share their #realhomesmovement homes on our blog, inevitably some people will tell me that they have a home full of upcycled, recycled, sustainable and vintage pieces, but that their home is probably not “blog worthy”….my response to this, is that is entirely the point of the…

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Sustainable Home Hub Moving to Recycled Interiors!

We are very excited to announce that the Sustainable Home Hub will soon be housed on the Recycled Interiors site directly! This means one home, one hub – for all things sustainable design, build, decorate and living. You will be able to search and read about sustainable designers, architects, builders, decorators, stylists, gardeners, homewares, artists,…

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Tiny House workshop in Marrickville

tiny house by James the Upcyclist - image Alicia Fox Photography

I know lots of you like to consider creative ways to live that tread more lightly on the planet. One of the things that can make a difference is to reduce the size of your home, which reduces living costs, and the need for “stuff”. It is not for everyone, but is on the increase…

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Get Involved in the Real Homes Movement!

After my post on Facebook sharing Maxwell’s ordinary, unstyled room went crazy the other day, I have started a movement – the #realhomesmovement! It has currently got nearly 200,000 people who have seen the post, and hundreds of shares and comments. People are talking about how relieved they are to see an everyday home, rather than…

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Why Your Actions Matter and How to Stay on Track

The other day I woke up with an overwhelming feeling of exhaustion. You know those days where it feels like everything is an effort? Living with chronic diseases, managing my own businesses, caring for family and being about to return to my PhD, you might say, well hello!! And yes, life is very very busy.…

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Top 10 Tips For Keeping Chickens

upcycled chicken coop and hw to keep chickens

Do you have or have you ever kept chickens? It is rising in popularity in our cities as people turn back to organic and home grown food, urban gardens, and wanting less reliance on the questionable chicken industry. I remember being a little girl living in rural South Australia and my parents had a few…

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Why You Need To Consider Your Cleaning Products

Keeping your home clean is important. What actually is clean however, has been confused over many years, in particular by all of the advertising around “housewife guilt” and the idea that unless you use 16 types of cleaning agents with as much “germ” stripping as possible, you are somehow harming your family. Most of us…

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