Objects of Art

Upcycled Art from Cassette Tapes!

upcycled art from cassette tapes

I love finding very cool, very fabulous things people are doing in the name of upcycling, and creating something beautiful in the process. Gypsy-Lea Douglas is one such person, who is currently on show at On A Bike Art, The Beth McDonnell Gallery, Kew, Victoria. An artist creating portraiture, using recycled audio cassettes, VHS tapes, vintage…

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House Tour, Gina’s Vintage Home Full of Love

I am so excited to revive this house tour today of this beautiful home, which is one of our all time favourites, and the story behind the people who live here. Sam and Gina Rosenberg have been married for more than thirty years, after they met on a blind date! They have been together ever…

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The Beauty of Vintage Kantha Quilts

vintage kantha quilt

  Throws and Quilts really brighten up your home, bring warmth and are of course very practical! Not only that, but layering during cooler weather, rather than putting the heater on the instant it gets a tad chilly, is far better for the environment and your hip pocket. Our range of traditional, double sided Kantha…

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Making Memories with OnStone

OnStone - photos on stone with recycled timber frames

Emma Griffin and Nick McGrath know a thing or 2 about memories, and how to make sure you can preserve them in a beautiful way. Based in Melbourne, with a Singapore store opening and a pop up store in Sydney, their business OnStone prints memories onto a stone surface with a timber frame, which has been restored…

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Fabulous upcycling ideas to inspire you with RETRASH

I am sharing tons of upcycling ideas to inspire you today with a bit of a book review of Retrash-  a high quality, soft cover coffee table book showcasing inspirational ideas on reusing second hand materials through upcycling. I met the author Nathan Devine, at a talk with the inspiring Terracycle at Google headquarters  A book like this…

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Ceramics from the Sea with Sea Soul Studio

What is it about the seaside that makes us so relaxed do you think? The sounds of the waves, crashing on a windy day against the shoreline, or gently nibbling at the beach on a still one; the lazy days spent sprawled out on a towel, toes in the sand as we grow up in…

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Sustainable Lighting with Kuku Design

Lighting is so important in your home, the right kind of lighting, to provide the mood or the task lighting that you need. Plenty of natural lighting is the thing you want to get right first, to save energy, and bring the outdoors inside. But a beautiful sustainable pendant or lamp, creates a space that is…

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Funky Dory – Recycled Plastic Fashion, Clocks & Art!

Jacq Chorlton from Funky Dory, creates gorgeous handcrafted clocks, recycled material sculptures, paintings and more. Her recent creation – a recycled plastic dress – won the category award ‘colour palette’ at the Mandurah Wearable Art Showcase. The ‘Common Threads Wearable Art’ page on Facebook, shows lots of great photos of the range of amazing outfits submitted to the…

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Dollma Design, Handcrafted Homewares

Dollma Design is a hand-crafted, unique and contemporary homewares brand, developed in Melbourne in 2014. It is a partnership between two long-time friends, Olga and Danijela, who share a passion for art, craft and mostly handmade homewares. The business started as many good ideas do, with a moment in time where everything came together –…

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