Objects of Art

Duncan Meerding’s Stump Lights up Venice Palace

STUMP- The Cracked Log Lamp/Table/Stool by Duncan Meerding

The wonderful Duncan Meerding and his range of beautiful lighting and furniture designs, including Stump and Cracked Log is one of our all time favourite designers and humans. Over the years, he has continued to make a growing impact in the design world internationally, winning awards and having his work grace some very impressive venues. Most…

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Greetings From The Earth

eco friendly recycled gift cards made in australia by earth greetings

Do you still send snail mail? Or give people cards for special occasions? Despite the digital world we live in, most of us still love to give and receive a physical memento of special occasions, especially when they are beautiful. Wrapping paper is often an art in itself,  letters are also making a comeback and…

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Upcycled Art from Cassette Tapes!

upcycled art from cassette tapes

I love finding very cool, very fabulous things people are doing in the name of upcycling, and creating something beautiful in the process. Gypsy-Lea Douglas is one such person, who is currently on show at On A Bike Art, The Beth McDonnell Gallery, Kew, Victoria. An artist creating portraiture, using recycled audio cassettes, VHS tapes, vintage…

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The Beauty of Vintage Kantha Quilts

vintage kantha quilt

  Throws and Quilts really brighten up your home, bring warmth and are of course very practical! Not only that, but layering during cooler weather, rather than putting the heater on the instant it gets a tad chilly, is far better for the environment and your hip pocket. Our range of traditional, double sided Kantha…

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