Vintage Decor

Vintage Kitchens Rock!

As part of our #realhomesmovement I shared this post on vintage kitchen dressers the other day, which you all loved! SO below is a little video I made from the post – sharing the story about why vintage decorating is the BEST – for so many reasons. Here are just a few ideas on why…

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Ideas For Vintage Kitchen Cabinets

As part of our #realhomesmovement, some of our lovely community have been bringing out their gorgeous home pics! Recently I shared a beautiful home tour from Pretty Rustic and this gorgeous vintage kitchen cabinet. I then shared a tour of Gina’s home, which also includes a stunning vintage kitchen cabinet. It triggered off a whole lot…

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Bower Bird Annette’s Upcycled House Tour

#realhomesmovement tour of an upcycled vintage home

Annette Mayne is the Communications Manager for The Bower Reuse & Repair Centre. Day to day you’ll find her spruiking the various programs The Bower offers – like the weekly Repair Café, regular DIY workshops (she also doubles as facilitator for the Intro Upholstery classes), the annual Tiny House building project and fundraising auction, talking…

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Why Vintage Shopping Makes You Happier

In today’s fast busy world, people are used to getting what they want, where they want, however they want, and whenever they want. You are told to change your clothing, your home, your life; on a dizzying cycle of seasons and pushes to get “on trend”. Media, television shows, music, film, celebrities and social media,…

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Luxe Vintage: How to Incorporate Vintage into Your Home

We are all vintage lovers here at Recycled Interiors, and I know you are as well. It is something that is very important for the sustainability of our planet – using and reusing things in our homes. Along with this, using vintage often provides you with a more cost effective, and quality piece, than those…

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House Tour, Gina’s Vintage Home Full of Love

I am so excited to revive this house tour today of this beautiful home, which is one of our all time favourites, and the story behind the people who live here. Sam and Gina Rosenberg have been married for more than thirty years, after they met on a blind date! They have been together ever…

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The Beauty of Vintage Kantha Quilts

vintage kantha quilt

  Throws and Quilts really brighten up your home, bring warmth and are of course very practical! Not only that, but layering during cooler weather, rather than putting the heater on the instant it gets a tad chilly, is far better for the environment and your hip pocket. Our range of traditional, double sided Kantha…

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How To Decorate With Vintage Style

decorating your home with vintage

Do you love a vintage style home? There is nothing better than a home that reflects the personality and lives of those who live in it. Adding vintage pieces brings depth, warmth and story to your home. It may be using some new items made with recycled materials such as our stunning recycled floor/meditation cushions…

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Buy & Sell Vintage Homewares & Furniture with Kitsch Please

vintage homewares and furniture inspiration for your home decorating

Samuel of Kitsch Please Marketplace REALLY loves his vintage homewares & furniture! And he is not alone. But sometimes it can be hard to sift through online marketplaces to find what you are looking for, which is why he created Kitch Please. Kitsch please is an online marketplace for buying and selling vintage homewares and furniture…

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What is Sustainable Fashion?

vintage style and sustainable fashion tips

Love your fashion but acutely aware of the fast fashion industry and terrible conditions that many people working in it are under? Want to reduce your footprint through the fashion choices you make, but still show your individual style? Or concerned about the chemicals and processes used in making your clothes? Liddy Dolman from Ecolateral shares…

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