Project Journal

How to Create a Dipped Feet Chair

There is nothing like a good DIY to get your creative juices going, and here is an update of a project we shared a while back, from DIY extraordinaire Natasha Dickins from Little Red Industries – how to create a dipped feet chair. Natasha starred as DIY and craft presenter for The Living Room Series 1 on Network Ten…

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How to Make a Clay Pinch Pot at Home

how to make a clay pinch pot at home

The whimsical and charismatic ceramics of Alison Smiles playfully combine the useful and the sculptural. This wonderful artist also happens to be my cousin, and creativity runs in the family. Alison paints, scribbles and scratches her hybrid creatures into existence, discovering their personalities as they emerge. After graduating from the University of South Australia in…

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10 Ideas for Upcycling Old Doors

Do you have a particular thing you love? That you just can not walk past? I am like this with a few things, chairs, china, and….doors! I adore old doors! And they are so versatile in upcycling. Today I have gathered 10 ways to upcycle old doors. It is easy to find a tonne of old…

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How to make an Upcycled BBQ Fire Pit

how to upcycle and old BBQ into a firepit

The weather is definitely very much turned to winter across Australia this weekend and this makes you think of warm rugs, soaking hot baths and, fires! Do you have an outdoor area you would love to warm with a fire pit? They can be brilliant for toasting marshmallows, making your own damper, and warming your…

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How to Upcycle Old Tins into Succulent or Herb Gardens

How to upcycle old cans for succulents or herb gardens

If you are anything like me you probably end up with about five to six tins in your recycling at the end of each week…Stacey from The Upcycle Bandwagon says she gets three just from cooking spaghetti bolognese! She is sharing a project completed recently about how to upcycle old tins into succulent or herb…

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How to upcycle a lampshade with vintage sheet music

There is just something about vintage sheet music, paper and maps, they work so well for decoupage projects, craft and art. There is something about old music sheets in particular that are very beautiful, would you agree? Those notes and scripts just dance across the page and create a stunning accent in your decorating, and…

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How to Make Upcycled Bathroom Storage Jars

Stacey from the Upcycle Bandwagon has a quick and effective upcycling project for you today to create upcycled bathroom storage jars that you can knock off in a short time, flex your creative muscle and feel like you have achieved something without too much effort. We love these kinds of projects! You can create unique…

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