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Recycled Picture Frames & Homewares

Mulbury manufacture furniture, homewares and picture frames using recycled Australian hardwood timber, mainly Victorian Ash. So far they have saved over 20,000 lineal meters of Australian hardwood from going to waste. Joining our Sustainable Home Hub, the team at Mulbury only use recycled Australian hardwood timbers that would otherwise go to waste and landfill. “We hand…

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Renovate Restore Recycle Forever!

renovate restore recycle strippng out old homes and using materials to renovate period properties

You are going to love this Sustainable Home Hub feature, sharing the story of Renovate Restore Recycle.  Based in Bendigo, Victoria, owner Christian Bloomfield, says that funnily enough they are probably the only salvage yard in Australia that doesn’t actually have a yard and isn’t open to the general public! Renovate Restore Recycle demolish and strip out…

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Greetings From The Earth

eco friendly recycled gift cards made in australia by earth greetings

Do you still send snail mail? Or give people cards for special occasions? Despite the digital world we live in, most of us still love to give and receive a physical memento of special occasions, especially when they are beautiful. Wrapping paper is often an art in itself,  letters are also making a comeback and…

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How Organic Cotton is Helping the Planet

Jennifer Jampala is the founder of a new Sustainable Home Hub listed business, Prinka. An online retailer of organic and ethically made bedding, Prinka bedding is made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. Jennifer is passionate about a clean cotton production line, one which cares for people and planet. Choosing organic cotton over traditional cotton…

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Reducing Food Waste with The Swag

Food waste is one of our biggest problems. If you compost your food scraps you can make a massive difference, as well as creating compost for your garden. However food scraps thrown in the usual garbage leads to rotting food in landfills. As it breaks down it creates excessive methane gas. This is far worse…

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