Finding Stillness in the Moments

Realisation that life is so fleeting, that you are here and then, you are gone, brings your mind to rest quietly on the importance of the little things. Noticing when you walk through your day, the tiny seed pod that has fallen from a tree which has stood for so many years, in that one…

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The Arms of Home

I am flying to Canberra on Thursday for the national diabetes in pregnancy conference for my PhD research. I wrote this today for all of my fellow introverts who push themselves out into the world. 💖🌻💖 The Arms of Home A homebody at heart, nothing cheered her spirits more than those long light filled days…

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Self Love and Compassion

In the dappled morning light, as she sat waking up her mind and body, her boho loving heart knew that there was no room for jealousy or hatred or contempt. There was no room for comparison, to punish herself for who she was and, who she wasn’t…. To love unconditionally, to accept those who were…

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Why We Must Drop The Mum Guilt!

When you become a parent, from the moment you start trying to conceive, there is an unbelievable amount of pressure to be a “perfect parent”, whatever that is….and so much guilt…all the guilt. As a woman with type 1 diabetes¬†I have had even more pressure on me from when I was a girl of 12…

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