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Get A Plan!

Daily email with tasks and info, with a plan for what to do, as well as access to our Sustainable at Home e courses hub, where you will get a weekly Monday video from me with simple sustainable steps, audio podcasts to listen to, and downloads.

A Fabulous Community

Lifetime access to our gorgeous private Facebook group and the e course content, to get advice, support and share your progress with other people who are on the same journey, and ask questions as you go.

Quality Support

Connect with Helen & our community in our exclusive Facebook group – bring your questions and issues! This is a great time to work through some of the things you have been doing and stay motivated.

More Health & Happiness

You will feel better about your home, create a more peaceful space, evaluate sustainability and the steps you can take, spend time going slow, connect with family & take time for you.

Individual Support

You will get individual advice where needed. Ask questions about decorating, design, DIY projects and sustainability at home. We are here for you.


A free copy of Helen’s eBook “Tips for a happy healthy home” and “30 Days to a Happy Healthy Home”, discounts in our online store & giveaways during the challenge!

Wow your Healthy, Happy & Sustainable challenge came into my life at a difficult time in my life, but I have to say at the right time! You have been a constant in my life along with all the wonderful people who have shared a part of their lives with all of us. Thank you for making this community real. I have been inspired by all the efforts of our wonderful community! Thank you Helen for your inspiration! It has been a great pleasure!

Nellie - Challenge Participant

What you get for your $39!

This course includes:

  • exclusive LIFETIME access to our Sustainable at Home eCourses hub site with 4 modules
  • a daily email with tasks and simple steps you can take across the week,  save some for the weekend, or later  – there is no pressure and you can take as long as you need
  • each Monday for the 4 weeks, the email will contain info about the lesson for the week opening up on our eCourses hub, where you can log in and view some video presentations from me; access audio podcasts, other videos and downloads
  • access to our exclusive private facebook group for support and a weekly live video chat – this is a lifetime membership
  • 1-1 and group support
  • a free copy of my eBook “tips for a happy healthy home” and my eBook “30 days to a happy healthy home” – which contains most of the daily tasks

What are the Benefits?

During this one month programme you will:

  • Feel supported by a group of people on the same journey
  • Create calm and happy spaces that suit your lifestyle and work for you and your family
  • Sort out some of the visual clutter and organise things better
  • Learn how to be more mindful & sustainable in your home with simple steps you can take towards sustainability – it is the small steps that matter most, try some of them out now and plan for others down the track
  • Create connections with your family – take time to spend with each other
  • Re-decorate by rearranging, saving money and creating a new look
  • Get offline and be more connected
  • Bring the outdoors in with plants and flowers
  • Make healthy habits for your wellbeing
  • Laugh more and love your home



I’d like to thank Helen for the opportunity of being part of the healthy, happy sustainable at home challenge. It was one of the most inspiring months that I have spent for years I love the e-book and browse it when I have the opportunity . Think of Helen every time I open the pantry door hahaha – needs to be spruced up again! I would recommend Helen to any business that needs their staff to be motivated. Thank you again Helen and to all the members of the group for making this group so fabulous!

Jan - Challenge Participant

Take time to declutter, decorate & refresh your home

Decorating & DIY tips, interior design ideas and decluttering. Learn or remind yourself about the simple steps you can take to being more sustainable at home

Get healthier and happier

Take time to think about how your own health and happiness are so strongly connected to your home, and how all the things we do, all the choices we make, matter