Heartfelt and Mindful Living

Do you feel the pressures of expectations? Comparison? Achievement? A go go go world? Heartfelt and Mindful living extends to all apects of your life. Taking moments to notice in your everyday, help make normal extraordinary, give perspective and remind you of your WHY.

I have been in many jobs in my life from waitress as a student, to social worker, to diabetes educator and charity founder, to blogger, to consultant, to writer, to stylist, to retailer, to mum. I have been an entrepreneur for the past 15 years and have worked for myself the entire time, sometimes with more income than others, but always with passion and persistence and full attention to my values and my feelings. I have also struggled with all the usual human crap – the self doubt, fear, anxiety, comparing myself with others, missing my WHY, focussing on the wrong things – we ALL do this, nobody has a life full of bliss without the shitty stuff. And that is actually a pretty cool thing about life.

What has helped me is learning how to grab hold of MOMENTS  – noticing the call of the morning birds as I write this, the smell of my son’s hair in a cuddle, the way the light falls on the mantle in the late afternoon. It was also in accepting that the shitty stuff happens and that is ok too, for it is in the shadows that we see the bright parts.

Productive human action is not really about getting stuff done. It’s about a calmer, more open and focused mind, greater self-awareness, and a capacity for self transformation—as well as disciplined passions and stronger human relationships. When these things work together, your productivity and output will increase. It is very easy to become so caught up in what you think you need to do, the things on your daily lists, that you forget this is just one small aspect of your life in a series of moments and that by taking time to STOP and focus, you will find more clarity and be much more honed and sharp, in your direction.

Mindfulness practiced regularly, helps you to clearly and more consistently observe that human beings are connected to everything around us. We are connected to each other, to the world and our planet. Mindfulness does not need to be complicated or formal. It can be as simple as a walking mindfulness practice for 5 minutes during your day, or staying mindful as you make and drink a cup of tea, or have a shower. What this does is makes your mind stay present in that given moment and stops it from being distracted by chatter and thoughts. It allows for that self awareness and clarity of thought that ultimately makes you happy and healthy. It helps you challenge expectations, your own and others, stand up to fear, dispel the myth of “normal” and see all the alternative stories of your life.



dreamstime_s_44534735If you can find your WHY, you will also find the path to get there. At the core of this are your values. Deep down inside, what is important to you? What do you want your life to stand for? What sort of qualities do you want to cultivate as a person? How do you want to be in your relationships with others? Heartfelt and Mindful living is the key.

I am starting a new movement and hashtag on social media, around my work in wellbeing in your home business and lifestyle- #heartfeltandmindful. It’s all about sharing a moment that makes you stop and notice and remember your WHY in every day. Follow and spread the word to create a gallery that challenges an idea of “normal” that recognises “bliss” is just a series of noticed moments and happy is a state of mind. Feel free to share the tough moments for they make the happy ones stand out bright and life is not all about bliss but a mish mash of all human emotions and experience.

Do you find the heartfelt and mindful in every day and what kinds of fears hold you back?



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  1. Kaye Woods on June 5, 2015 at 7:59 am

    Little Things:
    A nice sunrise or sunset always pleases me
    Or a heavenly starry sky- all these things are free!
    The smell of rain, the promise it brings
    “These are a few of my favourite things.”
    ( That they’re not my words comes as no surprise
    So to Julie Andrews I must apologise. )
    The smell of Rosemary or a Rose
    Evokes different emotions, I suppose.
    Those songs we play again and again
    Never get tired of that refrain.
    Favourite old films make us laugh or cry
    To regain those feelings we always try.
    Nostalgia has an important place
    In these days of confusing pace.
    Because we can’t know of a bigger plan
    We’ll just keep doing the best we can!
    Celebrating little achievements that come our way
    I know I’ve said it before but- ” Tomorrow is another day!”

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