30 days to a happy healthy home challenge & e book launch!

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How has your week been? I am very excited to let you know that my 30 days to a happy healthy home challenge is kicking off next week on the 1st September! If you are not already signed up to the challenge, you can do so here

I am also launching the e book version at the same time, which has all the challenges in one place for you to go back and refer to, as well as bonus content. You will be able to grab it from the e store on 1st September but today I am giving 5 readers a free copy. I would love you to read it and write me a review!

promo image1How to win

All you need to do is tell me what 1 thing you think is most important in making a happy healthy home- comment here or on social media. I will select 5 winners on 2nd September and send you your free copy to read and review!

In this 30 days to a happy healthy home challenge, you will make one small change each day, to create a happy healthy home and life you can love more.  Lots of you out there have told me the things you find challenging at home and I have created the daily task to respond to these. You may find not all of them relevant for you, or that you need more time. That is totally fine.

It works best if you have a go at all of them, but if something doesn’t really fit for you, simply leave it and spend more time on one of the daily challenges that make more sense for you and your home. If you are busy and want to spend more time on something in particular, feel free to save a few daily challenges up and take time over a weekend to try them all out. There are no rules and this challenge is meant to enrich your life not create more stress!

I know that I am not perfect and in fact think there is no perfect. I have many areas of these challenges to work on myself and will be taking the challenges right alongside you. I have a messy laundry, a cluttered office and a less than wonderful bathroom. I have 3 loud and active boys, busy days and a lack of space. But what I also have is an ability to stay mindful, to notice what really matters and let stuff go. And a way of shifting things around, styling them and managing tasks, to create a new look, or bring things together in a room that make it and my heart, happy.

I would love you to share your challenges with the world and let other people you know who may be interested that you are doing the challenge, and invite them to join! Please use the hashtag #30happyhealthyhome when you share your journey across social media.

During this one  month challenge we will:
Create calm and happy spaces
Sort out some of the visual clutter
Learn how to be more mindful
Create connections with your family
Re-decorate by rearranging
Get offline and be more connected
Bring the outdoors in
Make healthy habits
Laugh more and love your home

Not sure you want to get 30 emails? You can check in on the blog where I will post the challenge each day across the month. However signing up means you get a jump start with the email straight to your inbox where you can store it and take your own time to work on the task. The e book version is even better as you can refer to it at any time, all in one place with bonus content.

Join us and love your home & your life more

Ready to take the challenge? Just join us here! And don’t forget to comment & share what 1 thing you think is most important in a happy healthy home to win a copy of my e book



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  1. Hi Helen, We L.O.V.E everything about your challenge and would love to read and review!
    The one most important thing in creating a happy and healthy home is cleanliness. And when budget get’s in the way, “cleanliness is golden” and always makes us feel ‘better’ about our space/home.
    Niks & Luke (nooks & cranny)

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