Why You Need To Consider Your Cleaning Products

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Keeping your home clean is important. What actually is clean however, has been confused over many years, in particular by all of the advertising around “housewife guilt” and the idea that unless you use 16 types of cleaning agents with as much “germ” stripping as possible, you are somehow harming your family.

Most of us don’t really love cleaning, although I must say I get great satisfaction on the day I clean the house and if I wasn’t so busy and trying to squeeze it in, can quite enjoy it. Anything that can make the work easier and be better for the planet and our own health, is a winner in my mind. Do you have a regular cleaning routine or fave products?

As you delve more and more into sustainability it can be easy to become overwhelmed at the enormity of the task we face to prevent further damage to our delicate earth. We have the opportunity to turn the tide of living in unsustainable ways, to more sustainable ones. And it really does start with one small step. Any step you can take is a positive one. The choice of cleaning products you use in your home is important for the health of the planet, and the health of you and your family.

WWF’s Living Planet Report 2016, highlights the toll our lifestyles are having on the natural world :

Human activities are pushing our planet into uncharted territory. In fact, there’s strong evidence that we’ve entered a new geological epoch shaped by human actions: “the Anthropocene”. The planet’s inhabitants – Homo sapiens included – face an uncertain future. The loss of biodiversity is just one of the warning signs of a planet in peril. The Ecological Footprint – which measures our use of goods and services generated by nature – indicates that we’re consuming as if we had 1.6 Earths at our disposal. In addition, research suggests that we’ve already crossed four of nine “Planetary Boundaries” – safe thresholds for critical Earth system processes that maintain life on the planet. But if humans can change the planet so profoundly, then it’s also in our power to put things right. That will require new ways of thinking, smarter methods of producing, wiser consumption and new systems of finance and governance”.

The Living Planet Report provides possible solutions – including the fundamental changes required in the global food, energy and finance systems to meet the needs of current and future generations and is well worth a read.

The choices you make in living a more sustainable life, one that works in harmony with nature, can contribute an enormous amount. Looking at the cleaning products you use will ensure you are not flushing or washing damaging chemicals down the drain – which are bad for the environment and your health.  There are lots of resources out there around making your own cleaning products, or you can choose from the ever growing range of chemical free cleaning products in recycled packages – including our new range of Australian made natural cleaning products from the Resparkle range. The  mission is to restore the foundation of a healthy home that everyone deserves.

Good health starts right at home. Unfortunately chemical-filled household cleaners bring an unwelcome dose of toxins into our homes. Small change can pack a big impact. Making a positive difference to health on an individual, community and environmental level is everyone’s business.

Why your cleaning products are so important to your health

Years of irritated skin and itchy noses led the creator of Resparkle, Pearl, to an ultimate “a-ha moment”. She realised that those basic home care products that she used daily were terrible for her health. They may have been cleaning the house, but they replaced dirt with heavy toxic residues left behind by several chemical ingredients.

But could everyday cleaning products really be that bad?

Pearl set about putting herself in the know and found that the answer was a horrifying yes. She says that she discovered prolonged exposure to cleaning products through skin absorption and inhalation can have serious health effects.

Pearl sat down with an ideal: safe organic cleaning products that ticked all the boxes and she designed a range of basic home care products to improve the wellbeing of people and planet. “Resparkle has literally bottled positive change. Change that begins with a healthier home and branches outwards to create greater world wellbeing” says Pearl.

“My vision is healthy homes for everyone. Resparkle goes beyond mere home care products. It is a way of empowering us with the opportunity to make small but positive change to our everyday lives. I truly believe that together, we can spark a movement that will shape the health of our homes, our community and our planet.”

Resparkle’s CARE crusade

We like to sum up our mission in one word: care. But words alone won’t drive the change we’re looking for. So we go beyond the word to clear meaning that underpins everything we do:

C – Care: for the health of our homes, our community and our planet
A -Accessible and Affordable: we believe everyone deserves a safe and healthy home
R -Reduce packaging: we create smarter packaging and cleaning solutions. Innovation that is kinder to your wallet and to our planet.
E -Effective and easy to use: we formulate quality products that work. So you can spend less time on chores and more time living your best and brightest life.Eco Max non stick & dish brush


You can also look at reducing the amount of cleaning products you have. There is really no need to have a different product for every room in the house! You can combine our range of Resparkle with the fair trade and eco friendly brushes and more from EcoMax here.




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