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There is something magical about glass, and especially stained glass. Those grand old homes with an array of colours and patterns, majestic churches and other magnificent buildings full of pattern and colour glinting off the glass, are just remarkable. I am sure many of you have memories of such glass. My mum did a leadlighting course when we were children, and I can still remember how impressed I was with her work, especially because it was made with her hands. With over 1000 years of history, this is a skill that humans create by hand, that is here to stay.
Glass Leaf Studio is a new business, that I actually came across at our recent garage sale! The lovely Jaime came along with her family, and we got chatting. She showed me one of her stunning creations that she had in the car on the day, and I was instantly in love! What is not to love about glass+plants, especially when you hear about the fact that Jaime is using recycled glass, and grew up with a dad who was a leadlighter.
We are excited to be about to now be stocking these beautiful terrariums in our online store.
Jaime says she grew up around glass. “My father has been making leadlight windows for longer than I’ve been alive, so my brother and I spent many hours in the shed with him cutting up scraps, hammering guide nails, getting messy with waterproofing putty and digging invisible glass splinters out of bare feet”. But by far the best thing was perusing the stained glass sample boxes. “They were glorious – full of colour and texture and iridescence. I could sit for hours skipping through those pieces of glass and holding them up to the light to see how they changed the world”.
Jaime always wanted to do something creative. She completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts majoring in Photography, and had a few small exhibitions in Adelaide galleries. Incidentally, the need to have her work professionally framed led her dad to try his hand at framing – and eventually he added that as a second small business.
Instead of going on to a creative career however, she found herself in full time work as a television news editor, followed by starting a family. This didn’t leave much time for photography. After taking a voluntary redundancy from work and settling into life with 2 young kids, Jaime started feeling the need to create something again.
“I spend one day a week at my parent’s house with the kids, and while the kids napped, I started playing around with some of Dad’s framing glass offcuts that were too small for him to use, and would just get thrown in the recycling bin. It became a much needed outlet for me and tied in so well with my passions for recycling, making the most of what we have, and creating a sustainable home”.
The result was these very special terrariums. Each terrarium is made using offcuts of framing glass, combined with a clear textured piece and a coloured piece of scrap stained glass. Jaime uses the “Tiffany method” of construction, which was popular at the turn of the century – each piece of hand-cut glass is wrapped (foiled) in copper tape , and then soldered to create a solid metal framework which is strong, yet light and delicate. The metal is then finished with a copper patina and thoroughly polished. It’s labour-intensive but results in a beautiful finish.
“I believe in sustainability and also minimalism – only surrounding yourself with things you truly value. And by creating a personalised, custom-made object, I hope that my customer will have something that speaks to a part of their personality”. These terrariums are beautiful on their own but can be filled with plants, tiny lights, or any precious items that you would like to contain. Jaime is also currently creating a range of bowls and candle holders – we can not wait to see those!
We are NOW stocking these gorgeous terrariums in our store here 
Instagram: @glassleafstudio
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