Luxe Vintage: How to Incorporate Vintage into Your Home

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We are all vintage lovers here at Recycled Interiors, and I know you are as well. It is something that is very important for the sustainability of our planet – using and reusing things in our homes. Along with this, using vintage often provides you with a more cost effective, and quality piece, than those bought in chain stores. They last. And that matters.

Just because you buy vintage pieces, it does not mean that you always know how to incorporate them into your home. We believe that style is very personal; and we throw away any “rule books” when it comes to your home. However, there are some guides and tips, that can help you set up your home in a way that pleases you and makes it comfortable and appealing, through reviving and upcycling vintage pieces. If you’ve ever wondered how to successfully incorporate vintage pieces into the home, the new book by Tahn Scoon – Luxe Vintage – is for you!

In the book, magazine stylist and interior decorator, Tahn Scoon shares her insider tips on how to source and revitalise your vintage finds, and how to style them into your home to achieve clean, relaxed, French-inspired interiors. Projects include how to make simple soft furnishings such as cushions and curtains, make your own summer quilt from vintage floral sheets, and ageing metal furniture, as well as advice on choosing and using wallpaper.

You’ll even find tips on how to style and host a vintage-inspired afternoon tea and create a kitchen garden!

Luxe Vintage will show you how to design beautifully inspiring interiors—and live more simply and naturally in your home.

Tahn Scoon is an interior stylist and writer whose work has appeared in numerous publications including Home Beautiful, Home Design, Women’s Weekly and Real Living. She has also presented interiors segments on radio and runs her own design consultancy, Tahn Scoon Interiors.

Find out more on her website.

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