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Are you a home design, build, or  decorate professional?

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Own a homewares or furniture store who sells eco friendly, recycled, handmade? Own a vintage, green living, eco friendly or fair trade store? Are you an artist, maker or furniture designer?

A solar company, DIY brand, community organisation or other sustainable business?


Whatever area you work in, the Sustainable Home Hub is here to help you share what you do with the growing number of people seeking sustainable and eco friendly options in designing, building, decorating, and living in their homes.

At Recycled Interiors & The Hub, we offer you not just a directory for your business that sits there idly, but an entire suite of opportunities.


Become part of one of Australia's most popular sustainable design, decorating & living communities, with benefits across our blog, hub, social media channels, email mail outs, live video, community challenges and more.


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What is the Hub about?

Sustainable Homes & Green Living - our expertise and passion

Bringing together sustainable, green and eco friendly design, build, decorate & living businesses

Making it easier for you to reach customers & grow your business

Creating a one stop shop for people wanting to tread more lightly on the earth when designing, building, decorating and living in their homes

Benefits of joining the Hub

One standard rate - no "free" listings with hidden costs - JUST $79 for the ENTIRE YEAR

ALL listings get full access to features such as unlimited categories, text, images, web and other links, email direct from listing & social media links and video

Options for reduced price promotional campaigns on our blog

High exposure to people interested in what you have to offer

More than just a static listing, we have the content  & the community to keep driving traffic to the site

Blog features & social media shout outs

  • In 2017 we had almost 500,000 views across the Recycled Interiors website
  • Currently, the Recycled Interiors community has over 140,000 very engaged people passionate about sustainable living & growing daily


Make use of the existing Recycled Interiors networks, email mail outs, Facebook community of over 83,000 followers and over 22,000 Instagram followers!

Get YOUR business in front of more people without lifting a finger and join a fast growing movement of passionate people who want to tread more lightly on the earth.


“We’re so excited to be connecting with like-minded people via Recycled Interiors and The Sustainable Home Hub platform. As a directory, it’s a great listing for services and products with a sustainable focus. And as a platform, it’s providing information and advocacy for green living. It’s smart. And, it’s the way of the future.”—KT Doyle, Founder, JEANBAG

product styling pigeon and weasel candles

"We had the wonderful pleasure of working with Helen. Her fine eye for detail was a wonderful advantage for us. She gave great ideas for our campaign and our expectations were more than exceeded. We would not hesitate to work with Recycled Interiors in the future. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for agreeing to work with Pigeon and Weasel. Ariane and Prue x" Pigeon and Weasel


"Helen Edwards is one of those women who seems to juggle more balls in the air then the rest of us could even consider, yet she humbly acknowledges that life isn’t all Insta-perfect all the time, thank goodness, there’s enough of that going around!

Her passion for all things ethical, sustainable and handmade is unsurpassed and she works extremely hard to help us average folk make better choices, have access to often hard-to-find resources and brings joy and inspiration into our daily lives through her social media channels and emails.

A seasoned thrifter and up-cycler, Helen’s styling blends vintage pieces with one-off handmade and is fun-filled, yet considered and balanced; encouraging the viewer to feel that they can achieve something similar in their own home without having to resort to living on lentils for the next 6 months.

Helen is incredibly generous in her knowledge and impeccably professional to work with; I cannot recommend this lady highly enough!" Sarah, Sea Soul Studio

Sustainable no tox Lime Paint by Bauwerk Colour

"We really admire everything about Helen at Recycled Interiors & the Sustainable Home Hub. Personally it's such a great resource and go to website for all products sustainable, packed with interesting and useful information.

As a business owner I really admire all the hard work and commitment that has gone into creating the Sustainable Home Hub and it all if offers to customers and small business like ours". Bronwyn Riedel Bauwerk

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We offer FREE listings on our Sustainable Home Hub for community organisations, charity op shops, community gardens, farm gates, sustainability centres and similar - if you know someone who should be on the hub please get in touch so we can get them listed! 


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