Real Homes Movement House Tour – Tenessa’s Home

We are so excited to start sharing your real homes as part of our #realhomesmovement! This first home tour is from Tenessa and is their farm home, located in Western Australia. The home is about 70 years old. Tenessa says she feels very privileged to live here and care for this home for her husband’s boss, as the home and land has been in their lives for generations. Tenessa and her family have lived here for about 5 years. It is surrounded by acres of crop and sheep.

Around 2 years ago Tenessa studied Interior Design and discovered there is such a huge stigma on what “should be” and “what goes with what”. “It almost disturbed me…” she says. Tenessa completed the course only to feel like a home is a home, and so that is where we should feel our most comfortable and ourselves.

“Home is a place where we can express exactly who we are a place of solitude and happiness, a place where we can escape the daily grind and find pieces of ourselves and our family comfortably and randomly placed in every nook and cranny with NO rules applied!” she told me. Rugs upon rugs, finds upon finds, a story behind every piece a talking point amongst friends.

In Tenessa’s home, each color works with each, all of her collections complement each other and there are no rules followed! “Sprigs of flowers from the garden, laughter and quality family time spent, the smell of cookies baking while hubby chops wood. This is my home” says Tenessa.

Most items you see ranging from colored bottles, to the kettle on the stove, have been sourced from op shops and thrift stores, as well as buy and sell websites. The table in the kitchen has been built up from a filing cabinet, the side table in the lounge is just a old crate. “We go bottle hunting on the farm as a family outing! I have sprayed old sheep skulls if you can spot them. There is not really anything in my home that is purchased new and that’s the way I love it. Of course I think we are only human if we spot a nice find brand new at the shops and we buy it, and I do that from time to time, Β but that’s how the upcycled/recycled movement starts!”.

Tenessa says she does have a love for Maxwell Williams pieces and hopes that the things she values and buys new will be loved by someone else in the future as these too will age. “Our TV Cabinet is upcycled from a old record player, how many stories could it tell! My husband loves to find old parts of machinery on the farm and transform them to plant holders or just leave them as is” explains Tenessa.

What a wonderful home! Thank you for sharing Tenessa – if you would love to share your home please get in touch, we would love to see it as part of our #realhomesmovement – get involved here

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