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recycled interiors product styling and interior styling
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recycled interiors product styling and interior styling
recycled interiors product styling and interior styling
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E-Decorating is perfect for all of your sustainable interior decorating and styling needs. There is a flat fee of $369 per room. I will send you a questionnaire to start, and ask you to send me images of your room (multiple rooms can be purchased at a reduced price). 

We will have a 1 hour video consultation via Skype/Zoom. You will then get a Decorating Plan & Mood Board with my suggestions for your room so you can take a step by step approach to the project. This includes a suggested list of places you can source what you need for your room, ideas for reuse and repurposing pieces, and what materials and finishes are best from a sustainable point. For additional costs I can also  source the items for you at less than retail price in many cases. Discounts apply for more than 2 rooms. Please purchase the initial room and we can chat from there for further rooms.

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Interior Decorating

For people in the Adelaide/SA regions  all in person styling/decorating packages start with an initial 1 hour consultation $229 via telephone/skype or in person   Head here to book the consult.   Afterwards I will provide a mood board & brief for further work. Rates after this will be $95 per hour. After the initial consult, further work will be quoted as a package, so you know what the costs will be. This will vary depending on whether it is 1 room or more, and the type of work needed.  Discounts apply for more than 2 rooms. Travel costs of $60 for locations more than 30 minutes from my location may apply; and additional project costs may apply. I will be able to access industry prices for homewares and furniture and help with reuse of your current pieces.  You can use my time as much or as little as you need - we will work that out in the intital consult. Please purchase the initial consult and we can chat from there about the project.


Holiday Homes

In a holiday home rental or Air BnB, it's important to create the mood you want to offer your guests, and consider how people will live in the space while they are there. It is the little things that count. I am an expert in social media and marketing your brand, having worked online since 2001. I will help you in considering what target market you are going for in your holiday rental, and making you stand out. Creating your brand and following through leads to good reviews, and referrals to their friends and family - which leads to increased business for you!  This service is Australia wide, via video consult. Rates are $369 per room. You will need to supply photos and do the installation and I will provide all links, moodboards etc and access to industry pricing for any new items. **Travel and additional costs apply if you are wanting me to attend the property and do the styling and installation. Please purchase the initial room & we can chat from there. 


One Off Advice

Do you need some advice to get you on your way with your decorating project? Perhaps around how to upcycle or repurpose some pieces, or where to find items in your local area? Maybe you need some general input on what sustainable options are out there for furniture, or paint, for example? A 1 hour consult via telephone or video is the answer!

In this consult we will work through what you need help with, and develop a plan of action so you can continue and complete the work that is needed. This consult is $95 for an hour. Please head here to book & I will be in touch within 4 days.

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Brand Collaboration

If you would prefer me to write a blog feature to share your story, post a photo or series of photos of your products on my own social media channels or blog, this falls more into the "work with me" area of my business.

I can offer blog features, social media posts and packages, video content, Ambassador roles and more. Head here for more information and please get in touch for all of the statistics and rates for working with me in sharing your brand.

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Product Styling

Visual marketing is KEY to your business success. I see so many amazing businesses online who have so much to offer, but their images let them down. Do you have a product or business you would love to have me style for social media and other marketing needs? I have many years experience as a stylist, photographer and creator of content, and particularly love to style vignettes, lifestyle shots and product features with vintage, boho, fair trade and sustainable homewares, furniture and textiles; plants and flowers; and DIY products, projects and materials. I can create a range of images for your social media, website and other channels. See more details below.



Never before has it been as important to use images in your business maketing.

The most recent 2017 Sensis Social Media Report says that almost eight in 10 people (79%) now use social media.

More than a third of people now access social media more than five times per day (35%).

Visual platforms continue to grow in popularity, with Instagram seeing a 15 point jump in users (from 31% to 46%). 

Facebook remains the most popular, with 94% of social media users on the platform. 

Almost a quarter (24%) of people use social media to follow brands or businesses, and this is even higher among females (27% vs 21%) and those aged 30-39 (41%).

Consumers are increasingly accessing social media on their smartphone (up from 72% to 81%).

Almost two thirds of consumers (64%) will be more likely to trust a brand if they interact with consumers in a positive way on social media. 

This means the quality and relevance of your images are vital to business success. Hubspot report that 74% of social media marketers use visual assets in their social media marketing, ahead of blogs (68%) and videos (60%).

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If you are looking for brand images that tell your story and make you stand out from the crowd you have come to the right place. 

At Recycled Interiors, I can work with you and your products to create visual content for your social media and websites. I work from your budget and requirements to create a range of images that reflect who YOU are, and work with your overall brand identity, your style and your messaging. Whilst my own creative flair will be applied to each image, it will be a reflection of your brand, and not my personal style - this is the job of a Stylist! ​

People are moving fast through their social media feeds, and the algorithms are tough. You literally have seconds to stop the scroll. Images are the way to do that, followed by creative story telling that leads people to where you want them to go. 

Your products will be styled by me in my home studio, and I will take the images and provide to you via a dropbox for your ongoing unlimited use. If you require me in your studio, additional costs may apply. You will  need to send me products for the shoot which can be gifted, or returned by me afterwards. We will negotiate this at the start.

Below is a list of current product styling packages and pricing. If you are looking for something in particular I can create a custom package - just get in touch. 

Find The Perfect Product Styling Package For You

Product Styling Short & Sweet

$ 250 for 5 images
  • Initial consult via phone to determine your needs
  • Development of your Brand Story
  • 5 styled images - includes styling and photography
  • Tips on using social media
  • Additional costs may apply for specific props or travel
  • Perfect if you have a small number of products to get out there

Product Styling Brand Starter

$ 395 for 10 images
  • Initial consult via phone to determine your needs
  • Development of your Brand Story
  • 10 styled images - includes styling and photography
  • Tips on using social media
  • Additional costs may apply for specific props or travel
  • A great package for people wanting to grow their business with images

Product Styling Brand Social

$ 690 for 20 images
  • Initial consult via phone to determine your needs
  • Development of your Brand Story
  • 20 styled images - includes styling and photography
  • Tips on using social media
  • Additional costs may apply for specific props or travel
  • A perfect Package if you have a number of products to share

Product Styling Brand All In

$1100 for 40 images
  • Initial consult via phone to determine your needs
  • Development of your Brand Story
  • 40 styled images - includes styling and photography
  • Tips on using social media
  • Additional costs may apply for specific props or travel
  • Ideal if you want a suite of images you can use across your online marketing

Product Styling Set & Forget

POA monthly
  • Initial consult via phone to determine your needs
  • Development of your Brand Story
  • Agreed number of images/ month - styling & photography
  • Tips on using social media
  • Additional costs may apply for specific props or travel
  • For those who want images each month

Interior Decorating and Styling Services

Are you wondering how to make a particular room look and feel the way you imagine? Have you tried to work out how to pull a room together but it never seems to work out? Or maybe you are simply time poor like many of us, and need someone else to come in a create the home you dream of?

My decorating & styling services are  carried out with a sustainable touch. My focus is on using sustainably made furniture and homewares, and on working with what you already have - mixing old with new. This may simply mean incorporating materials such as wool rugs, organic cotton and linen in soft furnishings & textiles, and FSC or recycled timbers. It may mean selecting custom locally made furniture, artworks, or small businesses who are creating beautiful homewares.

Each consult is focused on getting the result you desire. I have a Certificate in Design from International School of Colour and Design and have worked since 2013 in the interiors industry.

I also have expert skills in communicating virtually, that will make your e-decorating experience a fabulous one!

A unique aspect of my decorating services is the fact that I am completing my PhD in Psychology, and use these skills in understanding why your home environment is so important to your wellbeing, and that what makes you tick, is what will make you happy in your home.

My clients love a beautiful home that is all their own, with a sustainable touch. I can work with you on your next decorating project and help you with advice on reusing, rearranging and upcycling items you already have, to create a new look; along with purchasing items that are eco friendly, sustainable and better for you and the planet. I will provide advice on sustainable options for your fittings, fixtures, finishes, homewares and furnishings. I prefer to find locally made, fair trade and handmade items as much as possible.

During e-decorating, for clients all over Australia, I  provide you with links for where to source what is needed, as well as mood boards for putting the room/s together and access to some trade discounts. I also offer a full in person decorating service in the Adelaide area.

We will look at current layout and design, what items may be able to be reused, what additional items could be recommended; develop concepts for mood boards; project needs, timelines and most importantly how you would love your home to feel and look.

Aprils lounge final draft 2
OB-global style
Use Mood Boards For Inspiration

Find The Perfect Sustainable Home Styling & Decorating Package For You

E-Decorating/Styling Consult

$ 369 /Room
  • 1 hour video consultation via Skype/Zoom
  • Style & Decorate Questionnaire
  • Style & Decorate Plan + Mood Board
  • List of Items for Repurposing & How To Do This
  • A suggested list of places you can source what you need
  • Access To Industry Discounts on Furniture & Homewares
  • Recommendations on Sustainable & Eco Finishes & Fixtures
  • Ideas For Sourcing & Mixing Old+New Items
  • Blueprint For Your Next Steps

Styling/Decorating Package

$ 229 /Initial Consult
  • Initial 1 Hour Consult
  • Assessment of Current Room/s & Goals
  • Further Work Fully Quoted Prior to Starting Project
  • Initial Overall Style & Decorate Plan + Mood Board/s
  • Development of Brief: Project Plan, Budget & Timelines
  • Industry Discounts on Furniture & Homewares
  • Recommendations on Sustainable & Eco Finishes & Fixtures
  • Ideas For Sourcing & Mixing Old+New Items
  • Discounts Apply For More than 3 Rooms

Holiday rental styling/decorating

$ 369 /Room
  • 1 hour video consultation via Skype/Zoom
  • Discussion of Your Goals, Desired Style & Target Market
  • Basic Marketing/Social Media Plan
  • Holiday House Style Guide & Mood Board
  • Holiday House Decorating Plan
  • Industry Discounts on Furniture & Homewares
  • Recommendations on Sustainable & Eco Finishes & Fixtures
  • Plan Around What You Have Already, What Can Be Repurposed & What You Need To Source
  • Discounts Apply for 3 or More Rooms

Tanya, decorating client

I lost all my homemaking desire and skills over the years due to a series of events and circumstances, I was just worn down with having dreams but never living them the end even dreaming the dreams got lost on me. So when I came across Helen at Recycled Interiors things started to change for me.  I do not live in my own home, and after our initital consultation, it became apparent very quickly from the emails and messages that Helen sent me with pix of things she was sourcing on my behalf ... that she was definately on my page, and I really got excited about making some permanent purchases, without spending any money on structural improvements, just things that I could move along with if that time ever comes. She came back with bits and peices ideas and thoughts to run past me and surprisingly most of everything she was sourcing was absolutely to my was like I was not sure of what I liked myself until Helen sensed it in me and then showed me what it was! Helen is a massive talent with an abundant energy for this business. She has what seems to be to me an amazing eye for detail and concepts. This has been a massive win for me as I really dont have the time or inclination to go sourcing on-line or in-house. Having Helen constantly throw ideas and thoughts my way was empowering for me as well as the comfort of knowing that someone was holding my hand through all my previous indecisiveness. An exciting adventure for me....which isn't over yet...and I would absolutely recommend anyone going on an adventure with will NEVER regret it! 

Peter - Decorating Client

We used Helen to help us select paint colours for a refresh of the interior and exterior of our home. Nothing was too much trouble. Very collaborative and willing to both listen to our preferences as well as provide her own opinion. Helen was happy to get as involved as we needed and wasn't pushy and is such a lovely person to deal with. Recommended.

Helene - Decorating Client

I consulted Helen at Recycled Interiors regarding the south facing Dining Room in my 1940's house. It was quite dark, & had previously been a kitchen. I wanted to maximise space & light & retain thematic links to the original '40's house. Helen provided a large vintage Wall Unit + Dining chairs which she had sourced, and advised me on how they could be upcycled to fit my desired themes. She also provided extensive advice regarding colour & texture for the whole room, & how the wall unit & chairs might be refinished in order to fit in with the theme & also with the existing Dining table, which I inherited & wanted to retain. Her advice regarding wall & floor finishes fitted perfectly with my own ideas. I found her to be creative & very prepared to listen to my ideas & wishes.

Pigeon and Weasel

"We had the wonderful pleasure of working with Helen on styling our products. Her fine eye for detail was a wonderful advantage for us. She gave great ideas for our campaign and our expectations were more than exceeded. We would not hesitate to work with Recycled Interiors in the future. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for agreeing to work with Pigeon and Weasel. Ariane and Prue x" Pigeon and Weasel

Let's work together

If you have a styling project in mind, get in touch. I am looking forward to  hearing from you.

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