Scandi Decorating with SariJane Home Accents

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Jill Corbett the owner of Sari Jane Home Accents has a passion for timeless pieces with a combination of ceramics and wood, and offers tablewares with a Scandi Decorating approach. One of our lovely businesses on the Sustainable Home Hub, she says the story behind Sari Jane started from her own experiences as a child.  “Growing up in a quaint cottage on the top of a mountain range, far from civilisation, in a small town called Eungella, which means ‘the land of the clouds’, this is when I learned the art of gatherings and homemaking” explains Jill.sustainable decorating ideas - tableware with a scandi influence from Sari Jane Accents on the Sustainable Home Hub

Setting the dinner table was a ceremonial experience. Dinner itself was a time for family. Fun was found in simple pleasures like growing vegetables, cutting fresh flowers from the garden, foraging and exploring the natural world.  In this digital age, the opportunity to get together with friends and family, within the comfort of our own homes, is something she holds sacred.

I always imagined I’d pass this love of homemaking and entertaining on to my daughter, but life had other plans. Life blessed me with four gorgeous sons.  Turns out I didn’t need a daughter to continue these family traditions after all, as my active boys have proven more than capable of setting the table, preparing for gatherings, respecting our things and most importantly, respecting each other.

sarijaneSo here she was with a full heart, a hopeless devotion to unique tablewares, scandi decorating and an unused favourite girls’ name – Sari Jane was born!

You can find out more and follow her work and gorgeous Scandi decorating ideas across social media and on the Sustainable Home Hub here

 Here at Sari Jane our objective is really quite simple. We wanted to bring to Australia, beautiful tableware that has a timeless aesthetic. Tableware pieces, that can be loved and cherished for a long time to come.  Not products that will be thrown out and replaced with the next fad or fashion shift.sustainable decorating ideas - tableware with a scandi influence from Sari Jane Accents on the Sustainable Home Hub


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