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Recycled Interiors Podcast 0020: Bamboo in Your Home

using bamboo in your home

Welcome to Recycled Interiors Podcast episode 20! Today we are chatting with Jennifer Snyders from House of Bamboo. Through her work, she says the company is aiming to create that place you want to escape to and make it a reality. House of Bamboo began with the vision of a man who wanted Australians to embrace their country…

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Sustainable Homes with Claridge Construction

Sustainable Building Tips with Claridge Construction

Undertaking a building project for your home is one of the most exciting, costly and stressful things you will ever do! Buying a home is hard enough, let alone building one. I have personally never done it, but know from many people, what a joy it is but also how difficult the process can be.…

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Building an Earthship, Sustainable House Day 2016

How to build an Earthship

Have you heard of an Earthship? Mr Recycled and I had heard about them, but knew very little about what they are until we got the opportunity to visit the Earthship at Ironbank in Adelaide, and take a tour as part of  Sustainable House Day 2016. More than 100 of Australia’s best environmentally sustainable homes will…

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House Tour: Modern Upcycled Home in Victoria

The art of blending recycled with modern is something to admire and we are having a house tour today of a home that does it perfectly!  I love house tours! Amy contacted me a little while ago, to share the house which she and her husband have now sold, and which features many recycled timbers and other…

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Why We Need To Preserve Old Houses

why we should preserve old houses

Do you experience sometimes when you see a particular house, or stay somewhere, that it can bring back memories of another place, or make you feel like you know something about it? I am like that with houses. There are certain places around my local area that fascinate me. I feel sad when I see so…

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Innovative Sustainable Design tips with EME Design

If I ever decided to build a new house, I would most definitely engage a business like EME Design. They create beautiful, sustainable buildings inspired by a process of dialogue and exchange. EME are inspired by the unearthing of new ideas and solutions and relish the opportunity to evolve a design with their clients. When…

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Is a change as good as a holiday?

They say change is as good as a holiday and I certainly daydream constantly about all the things I want to change about my life, my home, my work, my time and myself. Sometimes I think I become so caught up in thinking about possible “other” directions in life I could take, that I forget…

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Award Winning Nunawading by Dawn and Sven Maxa

Sven Maxa is the director and principal designer of Maxa Design, building designers specialising in designing innovative, energy efficient and environmentally sustainable buildings. In conjunction with traditional building design services, Maxa Design review each and every project’s opportunities and constraints in regards to becoming more sustainable and therefore more energy efficient. With over 15 years’…

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Wrap up of the Sustainable Design Principles Event 2013

Sustainable Design Principles Event 2013 I was totally bummed out when I was unable to attend the Sustainable Design Principles Event (SDPE) on the 5th September. I had been so excited about going and sharing on the blog, but my little Maxwell was sick with Pneumonia in hospital and of course I could not leave…

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‘Hemp house’ opens for Sustainable House Day, September 8

How do you make a house out of hemp? Hempcrete is a new building material made of the woody core of the industrial hemp plant with excellent insulation properties that’s increasingly being used by environmentally conscious builders. On Sunday, September 8, an 8-Star energy efficient house with hempcrete walls in the Melbourne suburb of Northcote…

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