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Making Memories with OnStone

OnStone - photos on stone with recycled timber frames

Emma Griffin and Nick McGrath know a thing or 2 about memories, and how to make sure you can preserve them in a beautiful way. Based in Melbourne, with a Singapore store opening and a pop up store in Sydney, their business OnStone prints memories onto a stone surface with a timber frame, which has been restored…

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Eco Aware Graphic Design & Recycled Paper Artwork

Eco aware artwork on recycled paper

Philippa Steele has a home-based studio in Hobart, Tasmania. She is a graphic designer specialising in Brand Identity Design for small business (which is designer speak for logos and stationery!) but she also works with a range of not-for-profits, startups and individuals on various print based media including posters, art catalogues, annual reports and corporate…

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Funky Dory – Recycled Plastic Fashion, Clocks & Art!

Jacq Chorlton from Funky Dory, creates gorgeous handcrafted clocks, recycled material sculptures, paintings and more. Her recent creation – a recycled plastic dress – won the category award ‘colour palette’ at the Mandurah Wearable Art Showcase. The ‘Common Threads Wearable Art’ page on Facebook, shows lots of great photos of the range of amazing outfits submitted to the…

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Australian Art With Rachel Wells From Darling Mills Studio

Rachel Wells art - Darling Mills Studio

Instagram is such an amazing place to find lots of fabulous creative types! I recently came across Rachel Wells from Darling Mills Studio.  She named her business after moving into a little cottage that backs onto Darling Mills Creek in Sydney. “It’s a gorgeous little house which we love with it’s bush views. Nice and…

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Create Some Personal Art For Your Home

10 tips for decorating in small spaces

Are your walls at home covered with art, totally bare or somewhere in between? Art is a central part of a happy healthy home, but it does not have to be a mass produced print, or an original artwork from a top artist. You may want to include a combination of pieces that could be…

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A chat with Sydney Artist Mia Oatley

Since arriving on the art scene 10 years ago Mia Oatley has been grabbing attention with her bold and vivid style. Mia’s work has been exhibited and collected in Sydney, Melbourne, Victoria, Canberra, Gold Coast, Paris, Germany, NZ, Holland, USA, and Japan. She describes herself as an artist, designer, lover of travel, and a really good…

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Elke Lucas Ceramics, a Natural Art

It must be the week for beautiful ceramics this week, as we continue our Spring theme of design inspired by nature and the beach. Today we have a chat with artist and potter, Elke Lucas. Her life as a potter began when she married into a family of potters, and worked as a studio potter…

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In Form Exhibition,Tasmanian Designed Furniture

You know how much I love the earth, and people. Put these together in a beautiful, sustainably designed piece of furniture using timber, and I am in heaven. Tasmania is one of my favourite places in the entire world, isn’t it just glorious? It reminds you that there is such a point to trying to…

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5 minute Wall Art with the Graphics Fairy

Have you heard of The Graphics Fairy? This amazing resource is owned by US Blogger Karen, who since 2007, has amassed over 4,500 FREE Vintage Stock images, Illustrations, Old Pictures, Antique Graphics and Vintage Printables, to make craft projects, collage, DIY, scrapbooking, etc It is now a go to place for images and typography for…

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