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Ceramics from the Sea with Sea Soul Studio

What is it about the seaside that makes us so relaxed do you think? The sounds of the waves, crashing on a windy day against the shoreline, or gently nibbling at the beach on a still one; the lazy days spent sprawled out on a towel, toes in the sand as we grow up in…

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Sea Soul Studio, Handmade Ceramics For Home and Body

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Sarah Webb from Sea Soul Studio is our featured creative business this week. Based in Lewisham in the Southern Beaches Area of Tasmania, she creates the most beautiful handmade ceramics for home and body, crafted from a variety of clays including terracotta, white earthenware and Southern Ice Porcelain. WIN Sarah is giving you the chance to win…

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Australian Ceramic Artists, Hayden Youlley Design

Do you have a favourite bowl or cup? There is something about the thickness and texture of the bowls and cups you use that makes all the difference to your experience of eating or drinking, besides the beauty of the piece being important. We all have those everyday pieces of crockery and ceramics, and the…

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Alison Smiles Australian Ceramic Artist

I am sharing a very personal story today, one about an artist who I have known since she was born, Alison Smiles. You see, she is actually my cousin and my memories of her include midnight feasts, murder in the dark, Christmas parties, stays at our beach shack, sailing and building sandcastles. Stories, music, art…

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Elke Lucas Ceramics, a Natural Art

It must be the week for beautiful ceramics this week, as we continue our Spring theme of design inspired by nature and the beach. Today we have a chat with artist and potter, Elke Lucas. Her life as a potter began when she married into a family of potters, and worked as a studio potter…

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In the Moment Ceramics

Kym Shaw, owner of “In the Moment Ceramics” comes from a background in Administration and Hospitality. So how you may ask, did she end up selling beautiful mid century pottery and ceramics? Kym explains that as long as she can remember she has collected objects that come with the “mystery of an unknown previous owner, place…

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