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Recycled Interiors Podcast 012: Flourishing & Food

Today we are taking a healthy people focus on the podcast, talking with Sally Marchini from Marchini Nutrition. Sally is someone who is very dear to me as she has been a dietitian with my online diabetes counselling service for many years, and we both live with type 1 diabetes. Marchini Nutrition is the ‘go-to’ place…

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Why Choose Organic Food?

Today is the first of Liddy’s blog posts – talking about why should you choose organic food? And what are the benefits? We are very excited to have her as part of the Recycled Interiors family – read more about Liddy and her Ecolateral business here.   Why Choose Organic Food? By Liddy Dolman- Ecolateral…

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The Importance of Considering Your Food

Do you write a weekly meal plan? How about a shopping list? These are things I tend to stray away from, but I know it is better for your wallet, our planet, and your health. If you work out what you will have for your main meals for the week, write a list and then stick to…

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Bug-busting chicken and ginger noodle soup

Are you hungry? Well here is a bug busting chicken and ginger noodle soup from resident guest cook, Kellie! Enjoy xx   It feels like a lifetime ago that I last blogged, illness and injury decided to lay down on my couch, take over the remote and bring its mangey dog too. I was so…

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Spicy Chickpea and Basil Cakes

Hello 2016! Kicking off with a yummy recipe from resident home cook, Kellie – with the best ever tasty, Spicy Chickpea and Basil cakes – enjoy! Helen xx For the love of God please, no more ham!! If you’re anything like me, you are well and truly over the endless meaty leftovers that Christmas seems…

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5 Tips to Prevent Weight Gain Over Christmas

5 Tips to Keep Weight Loss Going During Christmas

Christmas is all about sharing food and parties, but for some of us this can bring lots of stress. If you are trying to lose weight at this time of the year, it can be hard to keep weight loss going during Christmas. I have shared my last weight loss journey a while  back, and…

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6 Tips to Create a Happy Healthy Eating Environment

tips for a healthy relationship with food

Have you ever considered how your eating environment and your relationship with food can help you achieve a healthy, happy home? I have a great guest post today from Kerryn, a food loving dietitian & blogger who just wants to help people cook, eat and enjoy real food. She specialises in diabetes management and sports…

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How to Make an Upcycled Cable Drum Table Planter

  The Little Veggie Patch Co book – DIY Garden Projects is the Little Veggie Patch Co’s fourth book and is a little different from the others, because instead of focusing solely on gardening it covers a range of practical, DIY projects to make the most of your backyard. It’s in their typical fun, bright and…

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