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Michael Hayes, Old Style Joinery, Beautiful Furniture

I first met furniture maker Michael Hayes on social media quite a few years ago and our lives have woven around each other ever since. We discovered we have the same birthday and as twin lovers of upcycled and handmade furniture, we have developed a friendship that resulted in running a fabulous event together with Barry DuBois…

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TK Reclaimed Furniture

Often, recycling and a passion for the environment are in your blood, and the stories and experiences you have as you are growing up, affect the way you approach your life as an adult. Tom Baker says his dad and grandfather, were both farmers in the Goolhi area, roughly 60km west of Gunnedah in north-west…

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Seeing Beauty in the Old, Bent, Broken & Rusty

Sometimes a career path, or simply a skill, a craft, or a talent, is sitting inside you, just waiting for the right moment to emerge, like a butterfly. Your past journey often has some steps, moments, experiences, that eventually lead you there. And one day you arrive. James Gianchino’s story is just like this. He…

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Tips For Shopping Vintage in Your Local Op Shop

tips for shopping vintage in op shops

I know many of you love to shop in your local vintage, thrift and op shops, but others are just discovering this art! As I am a seasoned op shopper, I thought it would be a nice idea to share some top tips to shopping op shop style. There are a range of well known almost “chain”…

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New Leaf Upcycled Furniture

new leaf upcycled furniture

Irina Berryman from New Leaf Upcycled, in Coogee in Sydney’s East, is a keen upcycler, so much so she has made it her business. Upcycling solid timber pieces, usually sanding back to create the distressed look, or sanding back and painting/staining/oiling the finished piece of furniture. Her approach is to take tired looking timber furniture and give it…

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Eden and Wade, a Love Affair with Upcycled Furniture

upcycled danish sofa

Amy Eden and Ruth Wade, aka Eden and Wade, live in Cairns, QLD and are our creative business feature today. Real sustainable stars, they offer upcycled furniture, homewares and design services, and say they are a boutique business with big dreams, a passion for design and a strong belief that the functional should also be desirable.…

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Sustainable Recycled Furniture with Elliot Bastianon

Happy Friday! How has your week been? I am getting over 3 weeks of family illness and looking forward to a weekend with nobody sick! Today I am sharing a delightful young furniture designer and upcycler Elliot Bastianon, from Canberra who creates sustainable recycled furniture. He says his style is minimalist, but thinks it is too early to…

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Handkrafted, Working with Bespoke Australian Furniture Makers

I have a guest post today from Fred Kimel, Founder of Handkrafted who work with bespoke Australian Furniture Makers. This is a fantastic concept which you must check out. Handkrafted is a community marketplace connecting people with passionate makers to commission quality bespoke goods. With an initial focus on woodworkers and custom furniture makers, they plan…

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Sustainable and Recycled Furniture by Woodkeeper

Ben Taylor, of Woodkeeper Furniture in Sydney, is another fantastic Aussie woodworker I am pleased to showcase today. Everything Ben does is custom made, direct from the factory, including furniture as well as onsite installation, and commercial fit-outs. He uses recycled and new timbers, as well as incorporating steel framing and legs into his furniture. Utilizing recycled timber…

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Christopher Scott Furniture, Sustainable Australian Bespoke Furniture

Are you looking for sustainable Australian bespoke furniture? Christopher Scott Duncombe, of Christopher Scott Furniture in Longwarry Victoria, 95 KM East of Melbourne, is one of a growing tide of Aussie woodworkers making a name for themselves in the bespoke furniture industry. He is also the kind of person who can send their passion down the telephone line.…

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