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Tips on Creating a Sustainable Spring Garden

Tips on Creating a Spring Garden

Amanda Stewart and her husband Paul, are the proprietors of Barrow and Bench Mitre10, a delightful hardware store and garden centre located in Adelaide’s inner Southern suburbs. Amanda has long had a connection to the land and the natural environment. Her childhood was spent on a broad acre farm in rural South Australia where local provenance…

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The Best Indoor Plants For Your Home

By Daniel Mazzei Indoor plants are a home design trend that insists on hanging around, and rightfully so. From towering botanic walls to miniature terrariums, there are a variety of benefits to bringing the outside world, in. But selecting the right species for your lifestyle and interior space is an important decision.  Interestingly, there is actually no…

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How to Upcycle Old Tins into Succulent or Herb Gardens

How to upcycle old cans for succulents or herb gardens

If you are anything like me you probably end up with about five to six tins in your recycling at the end of each week…Stacey from The Upcycle Bandwagon says she gets three just from cooking spaghetti bolognese! She is sharing a project completed recently about how to upcycle old tins into succulent or herb…

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How Well Do You Reuse, Reduce & Recycle?

This is a fabulous guest post by Megan Goodsell, to help in working out what you are doing for the planet and what else you might like to add to your life to make a difference. Thanks so much Meg! Grab a scrap of paper (recycled of course) and jot the numbers 1-14 down. Then go through…

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How to upcycle a lampshade with vintage sheet music

There is just something about vintage sheet music, paper and maps, they work so well for decoupage projects, craft and art. There is something about old music sheets in particular that are very beautiful, would you agree? Those notes and scripts just dance across the page and create a stunning accent in your decorating, and…

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How to Make a DIY Chicken Coop with Recycled Materials

How to make a DIY chicken coop

Guest Post: By Nikki Dudley from nooks & cranny Would you like to know how to build a DIY chicken coop for under $300? Queensland’s newbie hobby farmers Nikki and Luke of DIY renovation blog nooks & cranny set their sights high with plans to build a grand chicken coop of recycled materials. After watching…

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6 Tips to Create a Happy Healthy Eating Environment

tips for a healthy relationship with food

Have you ever considered how your eating environment and your relationship with food can help you achieve a healthy, happy home? I have a great guest post today from Kerryn, a food loving dietitian & blogger who just wants to help people cook, eat and enjoy real food. She specialises in diabetes management and sports…

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Vintage Shopping in Brisbane

Vintage Decorating Brisbane

I have a fabulous guest post today from some lovely bloggers from DIY Decorator, one of whom I met at the Kidspot Voices of 2015 masterclass on the weekend – Sam – at which Recycled Interiors was announced in the top 30 of the Home and Wellbeing category! Very excited!! Stay tuned for more on…

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