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How To Create a More Eco Friendly Home

how to create a more eco friendly home

Creating a more eco friendly home is so important for both your health, and the planet. Looking at the design and build of your home is clearly the first step, but often people forget about how important the interior of your home is. Considering your choices when it comes to materials, finishes, cleaning products and homewares,…

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Handmade Homewares with Texture Designs

Lauren Budden is the ceator and designer behind Texture Designs. Based in Newcastle, NSW, she creates one off homeware items and functional art for your home, that offer accent colours, stir up conversation, and moments of quirky intrigue. At the moment she runs Texture Designs in her spare time. She is a train driver with the…

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Sustainable Wooden Jewellery, Homewares & Accessories from Woodfolk

sustainable wooden jewellery homewares and accessories from Woodfolk

Woodfolk is run by a local jeweller Julia Denes, who works closely with artisan families in Nepal to develop handmade wooden and ceramic pieces. In an attempt to live a more compassionate, honest and authentic lifestyle, Julia commits herself and her brand to working with small family-run businesses and women-focused organisations. With a passion for creating…

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Flourish Gift & Home, Small Shop Tour

Do you have a favourite shopping haunt? Mine is definitely Magill Road and you may have guessed that from my Shop Small Walk! I am sharing a tour inside the fabulous Flourish Gift and Home, which is a place you can get lost in for hours! I adore their blend of fair trade, designer and vintage…

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Tara Dennis Homewares range inspired by feathers & the Sea

Tara Dennis is one of Australia’s most loved designers, craft queens and DIY experts. I have always loved her approach to decorating, with a strong emphasis on creating your own style from materials around your home environment, and doing it yourself. One of television’s most recognised faces, she has been presenting decorating, style and craft…

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Upcycled & Fair Trade homewares finds

I have been doing a bit of searching for cool things to list on Recycled Interiors store which are upcycled and recycled. Stay tuned! In the process I have found some mind blowing things and people! Here is a little taste for you! What do you think? Helen xx JukeCases by Son Valise This may…

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Impact Eco Bamboo tableware at Blue Bungalow

One of the best things about being a blogger is the fact that lovely people bring you products and ideas and you get to share them. I had not heard of Blue Bungalow before and when they came across my laptop I popped over to check them out. Brisbane based online fashion house Blue Bungalow, create and…

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Sky Parlour, a passion for furniture & homewares

Sky Parlour was launched in 2011 by Karina Jambrak and Vaishali Nand, two graphic and textile designers with a passion for furniture and homewares. Sky Parlour is another word for attic or loft. A place where you keep your most treasured belongings, it reflected Karina and Vaishali’s  aspirations of owning a small boutique store, filled with…

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