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Upcycling, What’s It All About?

Have you noticed a rise in people being interested in upcycling? Have you heard the word more often than usual? It’s a thing! So what is all the fuss about upcycling? And what is it all about? Upcycle Magazine says “Upcycling is taking an item that is no longer needed or wanted and giving it…

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Recycled Interiors Podcast 0017: Creating an Energy Efficient Home

Zero Carbon Houses & Energy Efficient Homes with TS4Living

Brett Aylen is co-founder of TS4 Living, the company behind Australia’s first designed and built zero carbon house located at Lochiel Park Green Village Brett is an architect with a clear vision of what it takes to deliver a sustainable project. He has been working in the industry for 20 years and his broad…

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Sustainable Homes with Claridge Construction

Sustainable Building Tips with Claridge Construction

Undertaking a building project for your home is one of the most exciting, costly and stressful things you will ever do! Buying a home is hard enough, let alone building one. I have personally never done it, but know from many people, what a joy it is but also how difficult the process can be.…

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Sustainable Lighting with MINT Lighting Design

sustainable lighting design with MINT Lighting

Have you ever thought about your lighting design and choices? Or do you just whack up a globe whenever needed? We changed our globes to LED a few years ago and it made a huge difference to our power bill, but we have never really thought about placement and design of the lighting in our…

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Five Tips for a More Sustainable Home

5 tips for a more sustainable home

Simon Clark has been building homes for 15 years and before that, watching his Dad build them. You could say it is in his blood! Simon started “helping” his dad build homes when he was about 7 or 8 years old, and from about 14 years old he began working with his dad most weekends.…

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Dirt By Earth, Scandinavian Sustainable Design, Made in Australia

I love it when sustainability and style come together. What better than Scandinavian Sustainable Design, made in Australia, with a twist of Moroccan? Dirt By Earth, a design studio nestled in the Noosa hinterlands, offers you exactly that. Designing and manufacturing earthy gifts, homewares and furniture in sustainable wood, this sounds like our kind of…

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Daniel Giffin, recycled timber lighting designs

Daniel Giffin is a Melbourne lighting designer who recently shared his work with me, in particular his recycled timber lamps from old hardwood offcuts, produced when making Blueprint tables. All of the timber comes from demolished buildings around Australia and they are all handmade locally by Daniel. Daniel’s philosophy in life is a quote by…

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