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Why The Block is a Waste

the block 2017

I was sitting watching The Block last night and it hit me that I could not continue to post about it this season…..when the season started this year, I wrote about how I was looking forward to seeing if there were some sustainable inclusions, given some of the contestants usual green lifestyles, and the solar…

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The Block 2017 Bedroom Challenge Reveals Week 1

Josh and Elyse The Block Bedrooms week 1 reveals 48 hour challenge

That time of year has come around again and it is time for The Block 2017! If you have been following along with Recycled Interiors, you will know that last season we were excited to see the renovation of a classic old building, and the use of solar by Diamond Energy to power the entire…

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The Block Challenge Room Reveals Part 1 & Our Tour

This week was the first part of the challenge apartment, where all of the contestants had to work together to create the final apartment. Grandma Recycled and I had the pleasure of visiting the Block last week thanks to Diamond Energy. It was a fabulous experience and we were very excited! We enjoyed a lovely…

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The Block – Terraces & Redo Rooms

The Block 2016 Terrace Reveals Julia and Sasha

This week on the Block was the Terraces and Redo Rooms – a tough ask, especially at this end of the competition when everyone is exhausted.  There was a lot to love about most of the apartments, especially considering how tried they are. The judges thought so too, with another tie for first place between…

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The Block 2016 Kitchen Reveals

The Block 2016 Kitchens Karlie and Will

It was kitchen week on The Block this week and there were lots of perfect and near perfect scores. Overall, all of the kitchens were received really well. The boys had a bonus point and tossed a coin to decide whether to use it or not – it came out to use it which was…

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The Block Week 6, Master Bedroom Reveals

Chris and Kim master bedroom the Block 2016

Master bedrooms have become like luxury apartments in some homes nowadays. Personally I think it is pointless and a smaller room which has smart storage and a place for your bed and side table, is all you really need from a sustainability point of view. And as for “every girl’s dream”, I would never have…

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The Block 2016 Ensuite Bathroom Reveals

Are you watching the Block this season? I have not watched the past few seasons, but after watching the first few this time, am pretty keen to see what they do and will be working with the team at the Block to bring you all the reveals each week. Partly this is because I love…

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Amity Dry, Mother, Wife & A Complicated Life

If you are a Block watcher you will know my guest today very well – Amity Dry – but more than a reality television winner, Amity is a creative talent, mother, designer and all round lovely woman, who is having the time of her life making music and telling stories that have been making a…

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The Block reveals, elimination week 2, colour & texture

So, the second round of The Block eliminations were last night – did you watch? And what was your favourite? Like the judges, Neale and Shaynna, I liked something in every room, and didn’t like some things in most rooms. I was thrilled to see some of our lovely local creatives pieces feature, including Rachael…

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