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Why The Block is a Waste

the block 2017

I was sitting watching The Block last night and it hit me that I could not continue to post about it this season…..when the season started this year, I wrote about how I was looking forward to seeing if there were some sustainable inclusions, given some of the contestants usual green lifestyles, and the solar…

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The Block – Terraces & Redo Rooms

The Block 2016 Terrace Reveals Julia and Sasha

This week on the Block was the Terraces and Redo Rooms – a tough ask, especially at this end of the competition when everyone is exhausted. ย There was a lot to love about most of the apartments, especially considering how tried they are. The judges thought so too, with another tie for first place between…

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The Block 2016 Kitchen Reveals

The Block 2016 Kitchens Karlie and Will

It was kitchen week on The Block this week and there were lots of perfect and near perfect scores. Overall, all of the kitchens were received really well. The boys had a bonus point and tossed a coin to decide whether to use it or not – it came out to use it which was…

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Create your beautiful sustainable home

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