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Home, fitting in & why you shouldn’t

When you were growing up did you feel that you “fit in” somewhere? When you are little you don’t even know about fitting in and then you get a little older, and start to look outside yourself and notice what other people are like, you start to notice messages in the media all around you,…

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Twenty Design Trends for 2015, Lidewij Edelkoort

When I attended DesignEx recently, one of the highlights was meeting Lidewij Edelkoort (Li), one of the world’s most famous trend forecasters.  She is an intuitive thinker who travels the world studying the evolution of socio-cultural trends before sharing this information with her clients in industries as diverse as fashion, textiles, interiors, cars, cosmetics, retail and food. Under…

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Sustainable Decorating Trends 2014

It is the time of year where we start to think about spending time with family, taking some down time, and for many of us, getting stuck into some projects around the house! Do you have any planned? Perhaps our Community DIY Painted Feet Chair!  I have been looking around at what is trending  for 2014…

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