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WOMADelaide 2016 & Connecting With Family

Do you feel like there is so much happening in everyday life that you forget to stop and really appreciate your family? Sometimes in a moment when I stare at my child’s face, seeing them as they really are, noticing everything about the way their blue eyes shine, the shape of their nose, the rumpled…

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WOMADelaide’s Sustainable Approach & The Womad Forest

womadelaide 2016 in the Botanic Park with the Cat Empire

If you have been following along you will know how passionate I am about WOMADelaide. The Recycled Interiors team will be reporting from the weekend, so stay tuned for lost of fabulous stories and pictures! Not only is it a heady blend of world music, dance and art; delicious food; experiences and speakers – but…

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Kev Carmody at the Womadelaide Festival 2016

womadelaide Festival 2016 line up including Kev Caromody

I wrote recently about the Womadelaide Festival 2016  and shared my experiences as a long term Womader (maybe I made that word up) and an interview with the wonderful Cat Empire. I am thrilled to share my chat today with another great musician on the bill for this year at Womadelaide Festival 2016 – and a personal favourite – Kev…

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