The Block 2016 Ensuite Bathroom Reveals

Are you watching the Block this season? I have not watched the past few seasons, but after watching the first few this time, am pretty keen to see what they do and will be working with the team at the Block to bring you all the reveals each week. Partly this is because I love watching before and afters! And partly it is because it is an art deco building which is my favourite design era, and they have to keep some of the heritage elements, which means slightly more sustainability (and a challenge for people to think outside the cookie cutter square!). I will be posting the reveals each week with some of the background info, so hop on each Monday if you want to catch up with the rooms and see what they do.

This week was ensuite bathrooms and I have firm favourites. I picked the girls for the win, which the judges agreed with. Despite their concern about the tap heights, the room was lovely, spacious, with elements of contemporary blended with art deco. Karlie and Will’s bathroom also incorporated the art deco touches, and that rustic timber door was divine. The main issue they had was the lack of task lighting. Despite not being finished, feeling cramped and getting terrible scores from the judges, I adored the the art deco vibe in Dan and Carleen’s bathroom, and look forward to seeing what they do with the gorgeous relics they have inherited from the original building. I was totally underwhelmed by the boys bathroom and said to Mr Recycled when I saw the photos that it looked like a hotel bathroom, with no personality at all, but given they are first time renovators they did well to get it across the line. I was not a fan of Kim and Chris’s room, and those TILES made my eyes hurt! Before I heard the comments I thought the colour combination and the way they stood out in the room just did not work from a design aesthetic. The judges agreed, and the winners this week were Julia and Sasha.

Here is a look at all of the bathrooms – do you have a favourite?

Helen x

Apartment 1 – Karlie and Will

The youngest couple on the Block this season, Karlie and Will did a great job of their bathroom. The touches of black and metallics brought the art deco style into the room, with a modern feel. The styling was lovely too, with the main issue being the lack of task lighting. I was not a fan of the yellow lighting underneath the vanity, or the 3 baskets. I loved the baskets, but thought they did not work with this bathroom. The timber door and stool added the industrial elements they love, and were both beautiful. They came second to the girls for their work this week.


h1-r1-ensuite-kw-2000-1333-61 (1)






Apartment 2  – Dan and Carleen

Poor Dan and Carleen! They had hold up after hold up this week, which resulted in not finishing their room. I adored their style and am hoping to see more of the classic art deco feel in their rooms. They also have a bonus room – an old vault – which is filled to the brim with original art deco relics from the building, so hopefully we will see elements in each room. However the purple and green candles this week, along with a few other elements in the styling, jarred against their lovely choice of fittings and tiles. I was not a fan of the colour of the top line of tiles – I get the idea of matching to the gold tones, but I thought it was too, well, pooh brown! I also felt the cupboard in the corner needed to be flush against the wall as there would be a cleaning issue behind the gap against the wall, as well as being a waste of precious space. The room was also poorly laid out, cramped and overall was marked down by the judges. Let’s hope they have a better week.H2_R1_Ensuite_Dan_Carleen-1








Apartment 3 – Andy and Ben

These happy mates are first time renovators and it showed in their room. It was finished well and laid out ok, but there was just no personality, and the plastic razor and choice of toiletries was quite hilarious! It does fit with their style and cheeky natures, but it was not a good look for a high end apartment. They can only learn and grow as they go on.







Apartment 4 – Julia and Sasha

The winning room, this was a divine bathroom. Well designed, beautifully finished and lush. The modern take on the art deco with black accents, the walls sconces and metallics, was beautiful. Their main issue was their $4000 tapware (yes you read that correctly!) was not seated high enough. It was functional, but just a tad annoying to the eyeline. However if this was my bathroom I really could not care less about the tap height! A well deserved win.









Apartment 5 – Kim and Chris

What can I say… as soon as I saw this room I wanted to hide my eyes! Those feature tiles were just all wrong, and overtook the entire room. I agreed with the judges that placing the bath out in the loggia was just pointless (although I have never heard of a loggia before!). I really don’t care about trends, as you well know, but I do care about the aesthetics of a room, and this just did not work. Whether they use “on trend colours” or not is not the point – the room needs to sing and this one made me want to cry.












  1. Recycled Interiors & The Sustainable Home Hub on August 30, 2016 at 12:21 pm

    love love love!

  2. Recycled Interiors & The Sustainable Home Hub on August 30, 2016 at 12:21 pm

    a few people said that

  3. Custom King Furniture and Living on August 29, 2016 at 9:23 pm

    Haven’t been watching it but maybe a timber vanity with expose stainless waste. Made from reclaimed timber during the demo stage to offset the modern fit out and give it a story with rustic appeal.

  4. Nancy Joy on August 29, 2016 at 7:22 pm

    That vanity should have been centered

  5. Patricia Lenz Ryder on August 29, 2016 at 5:58 pm

    No bores me to tears

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