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I LOVE candles, really love them. Always have done. There is nothing like the light and atmosphere created by candles and they are used in so many important rituals and events in our lives. Until recently I had not even thought about the sustainability issue when it came to candles. I know differently now and have come across a number of people creating works of art with eco friendly candle ranges.  Lisa Reynolds from The Tealight Co is one such person and she shares her story and gorgeous candles with us today!

Gold Silver 6

Gold and Silver


How did you get started?profile

My background is in environmental science – I am passionate about sustainability, recycling and organic food!

When I was younger I loved hands on projects and being creative – I was always making things. I was working full time as a hydrogeologist but I decided it wasn’t right for me – I missed creating lovely things for myself and others. This sparked my interest in candle making as a hobby.

Can you tell us about the eco friendly nature of the candles?

After doing a little research (with an eco-friendly slant) I decided on using soy wax, recyclable plastic cups and lead free wicks.  I also made sure to avoid any additives – I’m quite sensitive to artificial fragrances so my idea for making my tea lights a little bit special was to decorate each with different washi tapes. Washi tape is rice paper masking tape, originally from Japan. It is also reusable and biodegradable!

Lit & Unlit

Lit and Unlit

What inspired you to start this as a business?

After making tea lights for myself and for family and friends for some time I received great feedback (and requests for more!) so I thought I would start a business and offer my creations to others. My tea lights are inspired by my love of colour and pattern.

What is the process?

My process involves preparing tea light cups and wicks, hand pouring the soy wax and hand wrapping each tea light. After I have my tea lights ready, my favourite part of the whole process starts! I love creating different mixes that form my ‘Sets of 6’ – I try to keep lots of variety so that there is something to suit everyone’s sense of style or match their own inspiration.

New Washi_3

New Washi

I also choose to customise my product so that buyers can create a mix that they feel works best for their purpose, whether it be as a gift, for themselves or for resale in their own store or online marketplace. It’s great creating something unique for others!

My motto for my business is ‘live colour, live light’ and this encompasses everything I hope my tea lights provide when people light them. I want to be able to create little vessels of relaxation that can still be fun and fit with people and their style!

Pastel Pack

Pastel Pack


where to buy?

Hop onto the online store here, or on esty – I just did and can not wait to get mine!


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