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I am a sucker for a candle and we are spoilt for choice with handmade, eco friendly options to brighten any space, many with amazing scents and pretty designs. Kelly started torch soy candles in November 2011.  She says she loves candles and decided to start making her own because she was spending a small fortune! “I enjoyed making them so much I decided to share the love. My goal was to make simple & clean candles that smell amazing, long lasting and affordable!” I had a chat with Kelly about how she got started and what she offers.


You are offering a range of candles including vintage, can you tell us about the ranges and what draws you to having a vintage range in particular?

In June this year I collaborated with a local Geelong artist, Morgan Connoley to create the ‘Colour & Skulls’ collection. It was then that I decided to finally get a website up and running. That allowed me to then branch out with another two collections, ‘Kitchen’ and “Vintage’. The Vintage Collection consists of a range of old jars and bottles that I have found in markets, garage sales and online. I try to find quirky vessels with a history because they are unique and interesting. I love anything old and rustic so I thought this would be fun. I love nothing more than roaming a vintage market on a Sunday finding old pharmaceutical jars, condiment jars and anything original and cool!

You use soy to make the candles, can you take us through how you make them and why you use soy, what makes it more environmentally friendly?

I decided to use Soy because it has a cleaner burn that paraffin wax, burns longer, is non toxic and biodegradable.  The wax never burns higher than body temperature so you can actually dip your fingers in the melted wax and rub on your skin (not recommended for sensitive skin and be careful of the flame!).  The wax also burns all the way to the bottom of the jar so you aren’t left with a hollow candle and loads of wax. And of course, the jars can be washed with warm soapy water and recycled in to a vase, to hold trinkets, a little plant pot or just for display!


How do you source pieces to use for the candles and what gives you ideas and inspiration?

The vintage jars are the most enjoyable to source because they’re all so different and individual. I just spend my time looking for jars and bottles that I love and would have as a candle burning in my own home. I love finding bottles with old labels or word imprints because then I can do some research and find the year they were made and the history behind them.

Were you always creative?

I don’t really see myself as creative, I just do what I do and it’s a bonus that people like it!

What is a favourite candle you are working on or selling right now and what do you love about it?

Ohhhh, I enjoy them all! Colour & Skulls Collection was fun because I got to work the amazing Morgan Connoley, it was fun choosing the jars and scents. We both had the same vision and ideas so it worked really well! And the Vintage of course, that is just super fun! I wish I could rummage vintage markets every day of the week…


What is your own decorating style?

A little random! I do like surrounding myself with things that have meaning to me but I also like surrounding myself with things I love, just because I love them! I always have fresh flowers and candles, that is the best decorating for any space!!

How do you use candles in your own home?

They are EVERYWHERE! I can have up to 15 burning at one time. I just love candle light, it creates a beautiful atmosphere, makes my house smell divine, and it’s flattering!! I will have them burning in the lounge, dining, bedroom and bathroom any night of the week. I don’t wait for special occasions!


Where can people buy them from?!!

My candles are stocked in a number of stores in Victoria, NSW and even Bali! My new website is also now up and running so jump on to


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