Upcycled Pallet Cubby Houses Made in Australia

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Cubby houses are such a wonderful part of childhood. Did you have a cubby? I remember having cubbies under trees and made indoors from blankets over chairs. Mr Recycled has made some amazing cubbies over the years for our boys, including a 2 storey fort with a sandpit underneath, and Maxwell’s current cubby made from recycled materials in the main. Recycled timbers such as pallets, have become hot property, and this clever husband and wife team, Jonathan & Jade from Little Hipster Kubby, have taken that a step further and made upcycled pallet cubbies their business.  It all started with a challenge that Jade gave Jonathan – they needed a chicken house. Jonathan wanted to make one and Jade wanted to buy one. So she agreed to him making it, but gave him the challenge to build a chicken house out of recycled timber.

upcycled pallet cubby houses on www.recycledinteriors.org

upcycled pallet cubby houses on www.recycledinteriors.org

It was a success and they both enjoyed it, as did their children, so much so they played in the chicken house more than their cubby!! That gave them the idea to build a cubby from recycled timber and they haven’t stop from there.

They now have a range of styles with many more to come! The current styles are Cafe, Market, Batcave, Saloon and Fairy. They can customise a cubby to your requirements to inspire your children’s creativity.

Each cubby is made from recycled timber and the sizes vary with custom sizes available.

You can see more on their Facebook page – Little Hipster Kubby – don’t you love them!
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upcycled pallet cubby houses on www.recycledinteriors.org


upcycled pallet cubby houses on www.recycledinteriors.org


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  1. And this is just their demo (one of their originals I think) that they have put on display for the kids to play in at The SAC … they do kitchens and loads of other stuff too… love them!!

  2. That is really cool!! The kids would love it!! Jas could make it but Milla would be 16 by the time it was finished 😉

  3. Allana Duncan have you checked these out? They are so cool the kids would love one I bet U0001f603 Jason Duncan would be able to make one U0001f61c

  4. Timmy Smyth – you are handy with pallets and woodwork – if you feel like building your skills again you could just whip this little number for your favourite birthday bud (& her brother) U0001f60a

  5. Kids first cubby house was a huge generator box….they loved it …many great times were held in there…old camping stove….another fruit crate as a cupboard…lots of old curtains…yep the kids I cared for they had a ball

  6. Lol. Don’t worry I told him only the other night I was getting the cc out and ordering one online…..on the road to Adelaide as we speak to get supplies for a ch 😉

  7. Awesome. I remember in the 60s my dad built one out of a car case,good to see that wooden cubby houses can still be built from recycled wood.

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