Upcycled Play Kitchen from a Change Table/Dresser!

upcycled play kitchen projectkids-play-kitchen-from a dresser change tableI know you all love a good upcycling project and our friends from the Salvaged Boutique are the queens of upcycling ideas! We have shared some of their work before and love the fact that while we are in different countries, we share the same passion for reinventing and recycling things into useful and beautiful items for your home. I was looking for some ideas for a play kitchen, after a friend of mine was trying to get ideas for her kids, and Karen generously let me share this great upcycling project of turning a change table/dresser into an upcycled play kitchen.

You can make an upcycled play kitchen from all sorts of things – just check out pinterest for lots of inspiration. Think television and entertainment units, cupboards and dressers just as a start. Karen went out looking for some roadside rubbish gems and discovered this old changing table/dresser. It is the kind of thing you see all over the place here. Having an idea of what you might do with something before heading out roadside, or to a salvage or junk yard is a good idea, but sometimes a piece comes into your life, and it is only a bit later that you get a flash of inspiration! Karen however, knew straight away she would use this find to create the upcycled play kitchen. It was perfect for the job, with a bit of elbow grease and time. Karen says she prefers to work with solid timber pieces, and it is certainly easier to finish timber with a range of paints, but because this is a play item, it fits the bill.

How to make your upcycled play kitchen

  1. First you need to lower the changing table portion, or dressing table depending on what you are using, to make sure children can reach. Cut down the sides to size.
  2. Cut out holes for the sink and the faucet. Karen used a large mixing bowl to create the sink.
  3. Reinforce the dresser by using some scrap pieces of wood and some of the original pieces from the top of the dresser that were removed, and add some of the scrap pieces to the back of the dresser to make the piece more sturdy.
  4. Fill all of the screw holes with wood putty and then sand.
  5. Prime with a suitable eco friendly, zero VOC primer.
  6. Decide how you want to paint the piece – this is up to your imagination! Karen chose only to paint the outside, because the inside looked like real wooden kitchen cabinets.
  7. She also wanted to make a ruffled skirt for the sink area and chose 3 fabrics with coordinating colors. This is up to you! Karen found the chicken fabric and fell in love.
  8. Paint the kitchen in your chosen colour. Paint the fridge door and stove top in silver to mimic stainless steel. Karen used a tray to trace out the stove top, and a mini pot she found at the thrift store to trace out the burners, which she painted black. You can design the look of the play kitchen to suit your little chef.
  9. For the stovetop, use black paint to create a makeshift divider for the freezer and fridge door.
  10. Cut two pieces of leftover wire shelving to use as shelves inside the fridge.
  11. Use a coat of sealer, oil or wax, to protect it all. Depending on which paint you used, and how much you are concerned about knocks and chips, a natural oil like our Kunos oil, may be perfect for this, or you may want to use a polyacrylic finish, or a beeswax finish.
  12. If you are creating a ruffled skirt for the sink base, use a fabric piece as the base. Cut two other pieces in half, lengthwise. Then sew together so you can gather it to create a ruffle. Then sew the ruffles onto the base fabric.
  13. Use Velcro to attach the ruffled skirt to the play kitchen. One part of the velcro is sewn onto the skirt, the other part stapled to the kitchen.
  14. Because her husband is a plumber by trade, Karen asked him to find an old faucet. He came through with flying colors! Look for one in a salvage yard to create an authentic look.

Do you have a piece in mind for this project? I would love to share so let me know if you are undertaking any projects we can share!


**Posted with permission from The Upcycled Boutique.

kids-play-kitchen-from a dresser change table

kids-play-kitchen-from a dresser change table


kids-play-kitchen-from a dresser change table

kids-play-kitchen-from a dresser change table

kids-play-kitchen-from a dresser change table

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