Vintage Kitchens Rock!

Kerry – she didn’t paint or restore it and loves owning it. All original but the glass is gone

As part of our #realhomesmovement I shared this post on vintage kitchen dressers the other day, which you all loved! SO below is a little video I made from the post – sharing the story about why vintage decorating is the BEST – for so many reasons.

Here are just a few ideas on why vintage kitchens rock!

Just think about how you are:

  • saving things from landfill
  • giving something another life
  • making a unique and beautiful home
  • getting something worth a lot more money than you pay (especially if it is a roadside find!)
  • getting something that will last
  • not buying something made unethically (most of the time older vintage pieces were made by craftspeople and not in sweatshops)
  • someone mentioned on our Facebook page that they have all freestanding cupboards in their kitchen, and how lovely is that
  • you are not getting a kitchen that looks like everyone elses
  • you can display your treasures

What is not to love!

We want to share MORE of these kinds of posts and videos – please get in touch so we can chat about sharing your homes and please share this post! xx

Here are some more shared when we posted this video – keep em coming!

Estelle’s Vintage Kitchen cabinet before she renovated it

Estelle’s vintage kitchen cabinet after she renovated it!

Gemma’s Vintage Kitchen Cabinet – she loves the natural timber

Gayle’s Sewing cabinet she calls Sandra! Upcycled from a vintage kitchen cabinet – “Sandra my sewing mistress” Cleaned, painted and decal decorated. Named after the vintage shop owner she bought it off.

See more vintage kitchen cabinets here!


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