Do you worry about what impact your actions are having on the health of the planet? Would you love to do more but feel overwhelmed? Are you passionate about your home & your own unique style but not sure where to start, or can not find what you need? 

You have come to the right place!

Welcome to Recycled Interiors - Australia's Home For Sustainable, Eco & Vintage Decorating & Design! I am Helen Edwards - Mama, blogger, stylist and designer. Find our blog full of ideas, tips & inspiration; our Sustainable Home Hub Directory; our sustainable homewares online store and my decorating & styling services. 

We are on a mission to encourage slow homes, and quality time spent living in them. Join us to refuse consumption of unethical, poorly made items, and increase sustainable living. Celebrate diversity, love your own style, and connect more with each other. Stop comparing, don't judge each other, and love where you live. Stop worrying about what other people think and more about what you can do to be happier, healthier, and create a home you love that's better for you, your family and our planet.

At Recycled Interiors we believe in YOUR style being perfect and in creating a beautiful home that feels just like you. If you believe in a happy healthy life, that cares for you, your family and the planet; if you love vintage, boho and unique decorating and design, DIY, op shopping, pottering in the garden and a good cup of tea, you have come to the right place! 

Painted cupboard and flowers, vintage bottles - house tour of my boho homeHelen's Real Homes Story

A qualified designer and stylist, I have spent many years decorating my home in my own unique style and cherishing the stories that lie behind old stuff. I grew up with bohemian parents who valued the environment and were passionate about people and planet. So many people are yearning to go back to a slower pace of life, to appreciate difference and connect with what matters in life – and so Recycled Interiors was born in April 2013.

I have spent my life helping, nurturing and loving human beings, animals and our earth. I am a genuine tree hugger and passionate about living a life that leaves this beautiful planet in a state that allows future generations and other creatures we share the world with, to live long and well.

From when I was a little girl being banned from watching Lassie (yes really!) because I was too worried about her being left behind during the opening credits (yes that was before the show even got into the multitude of crises she faced!), to my career as a social worker, my founding of a national diabetes charity, and my work as a blogger, designer and stylist at Recycled Interiors - helping people and our planet, is really what floats my boat.

How Recycled Interiors & The Hub Can Help You

Recycled Interiors & The Sustainable Home Hub is your go-to resource for being sustainable, healthy and happy at home.

We are on a mission to help you create a home YOU love, not one dictated by other people and invite you to join our #realhomesmovement, and encourage you to reject fast fashion in interiors.

No matter how big or small, whether it has cracks and knocks, needs some work or is perfect the way it is – your home is YOURS. 


I post each week on the Recycled Blog - sharing all sorts of stories about sustainable businesses, eco friendly products, vintage and boho style tips, and how to create a home that is better for you and the planet. I also write inspirational posts and images, as well as DIY and upcycling tips, decorating and styling ideas, projects from our readers, house tours and more.

Sustainable Home Hub

We are so proud to be growing Australia's largest directory specifically targeted at sharing sustainable design+build+decorate businesses who can help you tread more lightly on the planet when designing, building and decorating your home. Add your business here.

Online Store

The Recycled Interiors Online Store is very unique because it is not just a vintage store, or a green store - it is filled with a combination of beautiful boho bedding; vintage and antique homewares and collectibles; ethically made recycled rugs; handmade pots, bowls & baskets; amazing upcycled bags and plastic bag alternatives to help in your plastic free living; eco friendly cleaning products; and more. Join the Recycled Club to make sure you are earning dollars every time you shop.

Styling and Decorating Services

Recycled Interiors home styling and decorating services focus is on reuse, rearrange, recycle, upcycle, vintage, secondhand, locally made, sustainable and eco friendly products and materials.

I can work with you on your next decorating project and help you with advice on reusing, rearranging and upcycling items you already have, to create a new look. Where new items are needed, I will provide advice on sustainable options for your fittings, fixtures, finishes, homewares and furnishings.

In your consult we will work through what you can do to be more sustainable in your choice of furniture, finishes and so on - and then you can create your look, confident in your choices. Or I can do the leg work for you and source any new items, as well as do the installation and styling for you in Adelaide (travel costs and additional project costs may apply).

We will look at current layout and design, what items may be able to be reused, what additional items could be recommended; develop concepts for mood boards; project needs, timelines and most importantly how you would love your home to feel and look. If more time is needed, after the first consultation I will provide a written quote and plan for the project with my recommendations. Head here for all of the services.

My Book

Do you want a more sustainable lifestyle? Make more yourself, do more yourself, grow your own, eat healthier, take care of your family and our planet and create a home you can love? In my Book - Healthy Planet, Healthy People, Healthy Home: Create a Sustainable Home You Love" you will take small steps, to make a difference to the sustainability of our planet, increase your health and happiness and tread more lightly on the earth. Find my Book Here at the store.



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