What is a #realhomesmovement home?

Whenever I do a call out for people to share their #realhomesmovement homes on our blog, inevitably some people will tell me that they have a home full of upcycled, recycled, sustainable and vintage pieces, but that their home is probably not “blog worthy”….my response to this, is that is entirely the point of the #realhomesmovement! I am not interested in design porn with the latest primped to the end of reality house tour. I am not interested in some perfectly styled, shiny magazine worthy room. The real homes movement   is all about stopping fast interiors fashion, encouraging slow homes and time spent living in them with the people you love, rather than making them look like a magazine. It is about refusing consumption of unethical, poorly made items for your home, and increasing sustainable living, celebrating diversity and your own style, connecting more with each other, and rejecting trends. We want you to stop comparing, don’t judge each other, #dropthemumguilt and love where you live. We want you to stop worrying about what other people think about your home and more about what you can do to be happier, healthier and create a home you love that’s better for you, your family and our planet.

This is about loving good design and quality, ethically made items. It is about sustainability and how we can all have an impact. It is about vintage and DIY, designing your own life and loving the house you are in. It is about celebrating your loved ones and worrying less about whether your bedroom needs a “refresh” or not, and slowing the hell down. Life is short, our homes are something to be treasured but our people are the most important thing. In this terror filled world we must take a stand and say no to being swayed by big brand pushes to look a certain way – whether that be in ourselves or our homes.

So there is no particular style or look when I ask for a peek inside your home. It is more about sharing the diversity that can exist in people’s homes and celebrating the fact that there is no perfect. There are lots of things happening in the world that can make you feel overwhelmed and sad. There are lots of things in our lives that can make each day a struggle. I know I have been struggling with my health lately and neglecting the hands on projects I love to do around my home. I am planning to get my hands dirty with some paint projects and spend a little more TLC time on my home and myself. That is what the #realhomesmovement is all about.

It takes only a moment to notice something small about your home that you love. It may be the way the light falls in your favourite spot, the lush green plants that you tend in your kitchen, the softness of your bed when you fall into it on clean sheets day. It may be the laughter around the table when you sit with your family for dinner, or the joy of hearing your child with a friend over for a playdate like I did yesterday, and those magical words “let’s pretend”. Small moments turn into a stream of memories around your home and the life lived within its walls. Each day when you go to bed, and each morning when you wake, it is the moments along that stream that will lift you up, not the time you got a new couch, or had the house looking “blog worthy”.#realhomesmovement plants on our deck

If you want to share how you live your life in your home, please drop me a line – we really would love to take a peek inside

xx Helen


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