Your Kids Will Sleep Sweetly in Our Organic Cotton Sheets

As a mum of 3 sons, sleep has been on my mind for over 23 years now…we are still dealing with the management of keeping our 8  year old in his bed, with some success I am pleased to say! Yet once you have children, it seems your own sleep is never the same. One of the important things in considering sleep when it comes to both you and your children, is the comfort of your beds, and sleep routines. Most children thrive when they have clear boundaries and routines with their bedtime, and a comfy and healthy bed to hop into and snuggle, is important. Your children will be spending a lot of time in their sheets, so you want to know they are comfortable and healthy. Karen from Moonlit Sleep is passionate about this! So much so, that she created her own business to offer organic cotton sheets for children, that are beautiful, as well as eco friendly and safe for your family.

Moonlit Sleep specialises in high quality, organic cotton bed linen for babies and kids. You’ll also find beautiful handmade pillowslips suitable for all ages and sure to be a feature in any room. All Moonlit Sleep bedding is made from pure organic cotton, certified to the GOTS organic standard.

The cot and single bed sheets and quilt cover sets are designed in Australia and ethically made with love in a family owned and run factory in South India. They are beautifully coloured and designed with classic, kid friendly patterns, rather than being plain old black and white, or more adult prints. The prints started off as hand-drawn sketches before being printed with non-toxic, eco-friendly dyes on Moonlit Sleep’s high quality sateen weave fabric. The fabric is lovely and soft and has been designed to soften even further with wash and use. These gorgeous sets come packaged in matching fabric bags, great for storing treasures in later and minimising the use of plastics.

Moonlit Sleep’s organic cotton pillowslips and bassinet sheets are handmade in Australia. All fabrics used are high quality and GOTS certified to ensure they’re enjoyed for many years to come. These gorgeous pillowslips and bassinet sheets are sure to be a stunning feature in any home.

Some facts about these eco friendly sheet sets

  • All fabrics used are high quality, pure organic cotton. Gentle on the earth and designed to last.
  • The dyes used are non-toxic and eco-friendly.
  • All paper products are recycled and recyclable.
  • All cords or ribbons used are made from natural materials and are biodegradable.
  • We use minimal packaging and avoid plastics wherever possible.

Karen, the founder and designer of Moonlit Sleep had spent her career in the fashion industry prior to launching Moonlit Sleep in late 2015. She studied textile and fashion design and has a love of beautiful fabrics and colours. Whilst expecting her first child, she began her hunt for organic baby products and struggled to find organic cot sheets in a design she liked. She wanted something that was pretty and colourful, something that would be a feature in her baby girl’s nursery rather than being plain and beige. The Moonlit Sleep seed was planted so to speak!

“I fell in love with the idea of using my skills and experience to create something my daughter would snuggle up in and (hopefully) sleep in! I loved the idea of being able to create something, design it and be involved every step of the way as it came to fruition” explains Karen. “The process from concept to now has been an amazing experience and learning curve for which I’ll be eternally grateful. I’ve met so many wonderful people along the way and it’s been such a joyous and fulfilling journey, from creating and sketching the initial print designs to receiving thank you notes from customers”. Taking the initial leap and producing their first range was as daunting as it was exciting for Karen and finding the perfect factory to work with was a long and arduous process, but she says she is now incredibly happy with where it has taken them.

One of the reasons we love Moonlit Sleep (besides the fact the products are gorgeous!) is because Karen says that with all they do at Moonlit Sleep and at home, she aims to do it in the most sustainable way possible, and yet, like most of us, she says they are not perfect. Her recommendation is to try not to beat yourself up about that, and that rather than focusing on what you are not doing, focus on all the positive steps you are taking in your life. “When we were developing Moonlit Sleep, my aim was to be 100% plastic free. But once we started shipping customer orders, we fast realised that it was better to have a rainproof layer to protect our lovely bedding. So we have gone back to using plastic satchel for shipping customer orders and it bothers me even though they are recyclable. But the alternative was soggy sheets and that really wasn’t good!!”.

Karen’s tips for creating a sustainable home

  • Invest in a composting system that will work for you and your space. Composting keeps almost half of the average household’s rubbish out of landfill, it makes a massive impact and it’s seriously not hard to do. We’ve just moved over to a Bokashi system as it takes up way less space and is perfect for small space living.
  • Buy and invest in good quality, ethically and sustainably made pieces that will last. The amount of clothing and textiles going into landfill each year is frightening. Buy good quality in timeless styles to reduce waste.
  • Discover a love of vintage! It places much less stress, if any on our natural resources. I adore vintage furniture; it has so much character and soul and was built to last. I was lucky enough to inherit my grandparent’s mid century dining table and it’s the focus piece in my living area. Each and every time I eat at it I remember them and smile. When I buy a vintage piece I always ponder its story and history. I find it such a lovely and rewarding experience to give something old a new lease on life. I have a particular love of vintage ceramics and glass vases and my collection appears in quite a few Moonlit Sleep images!
  • Steer clear of nasty or questionable chemicals in skin care, cleaning products, foods etc. There are safe, natural alternatives out there that are safer for you and the planet.

When you see these products in the flesh, you may have the same reaction as most people, which is to comment on the fabric quality and softness – followed by being surprised that it’s colourful and organic at the same time!

The entire range is fabulous but if she had to pick a favourite, Karen says for her it is the Fairy Garden Floral design. It was inspired by childhood memories of her Nanna’s floral sheet collection. I have those memories too! It was the first design Karen sketched for Moonlit Sleep and she says her mind was on her daughter and Nanna, who recently turned 99! Karen hand-drew each flower adding little love hearts as she went, so it’s a very special design for her. Then the lovely and talented Catherine from TUBU styled and shot this stunning image of it, which made her heart melt. Isn’t it just beautiful!

Head over to the Moonlit Sleep store to shop the entire Moonlit Sleep range

Helen xx


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